My Big Little Girls

Yes, here are my big girls being little girls at Christmastime :) Kristin and Kelli still love to lie under the tree and get caught up in the magic of Christmas. I love how they love Christmas!

I hope you have had a wonderful time of celebration with your families. I’ll post another picture or two as the week goes on and will get back to my regular posts next Sunday. Enjoy the last few days of 2008!


  1. Awww!!

  2. Great picture! Merry Christmas.

  3. Now THAT is precious! Enjoy, friend, ENJOY!!


  4. Great picture! What beautiful big little girls you have!

  5. How fun! They look so much like their mama. Beautiful. My brother used to lie under the tree, but he would always fall asleep.

    Have a safe and fun time ringing inthe new year.

  6. Thanks, gals, for the sweet comments!

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