"Back At It" Giveaway Returns!

Does your calendar talk to you? Mine does. It’s telling me it’s time for my mid-August tradition! :)

That’s right, it’s time for another “Back At It” Giveaway. Time to say “goodbye” to Summer Photo Fun and get back to writing my regular-style posts again.

What better way to help us switch gears from the season of flip-flops and sunscreen to one of pencils and pens than a trip to Barnes & Noble. And what’s even better, one of you will make your next trip armed with a $15 B&N gift card!

To enter the “Back At It” Giveaway, leave a comment on this post by noon Sept. 2 (CST) to be included in the drawing. If I don’t know you personally or can’t contact you via your own blog, you must include your email address in your comment to be eligible for the giveaway.

Any comment will work, but to make it a little more fun, tell us about one of your most memorable moments from this summer. Let’s share some of our summer fun before we say goodbye to it completely!

I had lots of summer fun on our trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone, but one of my other memorable summer moments wasn’t quite so much fun. It was unusual, though, so it will have a lasting place in my memory I’m sure. I had to fight fire!

When I was out watering our flowers one evening, I noticed a teenaged boy walking down the alley behind our house. A few minutes later, I walked into the backyard and saw that a fire was blazing in a neighbors’ trash barrel—and not just in the trash but out in the grass and bushes beyond (this was one of those crazy-windy, hot days we’ve had). The neighbors had moved so I knew they hadn’t started it.

I ran in the house and called 911 and then went back out to check on the fire. I decided I should try to throw some water on it until the fire department could get there. I filled my trusty bucket and away I went. One lesson I learned? Don’t try to fight fire in flip flops :) Thank goodness, I didn’t fall and break something, but I did end up with blood running down the side of my foot from a scrape of some sort :)

So what happened to you this summer? Can’t wait to hear your stories! :)

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  1. We took a once in a lifetime trip to NYC and it was amazing! Get ready to watch the DVD I made :)

  2. We went to the Tetons and Yellowstone last fall to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Such beautiful country. This summer I have been blessed with many special memories, one of the best memories is spending an afternoon with my two daughters. Priceless!!

  3. The best memories is spending time with my grandkids.
    The one that is special to me is
    my grandson age 12 wanted to cook dinner for his family. He came over to my house and we cooked the meal for his Mom, Dad , brother and sister. He did it all himself with Nana’s little bit of help. He decided he wanted to do this because he went to Kentucky with his Mom who lead a Mission Trip for the tornado victims and he said he was very blessed to have his family and a home.

  4. Probably my favorite memory from this summer was when I had the chance to babysit my youngest granddaughter for one afternoon. Because of Gary’s health problems over this past 2 years, I haven’t had the time with her that I had with the others at her age (two) & have missed so much already. I was actually nervous (have been a grandmother for almost 8 years now & surprised myself with how anxious I was about the responsibility I faced with this one afternoon!)but terribly excited, too. And I needn’t have worried! God is so good & He gave us a special 5 hours of playing with her little play kitchen & doing other “girly” things I didn’t do with her brothers when they were younger. Such a little thing but SO big for me! And I hope for her, bonding with her Granna one-on-one, something she doesn’t often get with 2 older brothers around!

  5. Wow, Cheryl! Fire fighting in flip flops! Glad you are okay.

    My summer has been a fun mix of unpacking, painting, landscaping, and moving into our new home. Plus the normal youth group, family and ministry activities. I loved speaking at a summer family camp in July too.

    Have a great week,

    Jennifer Dougan

  6. I dare say my summer hasn’t been nearly so exciting as yours! Impromptu fire-fighter, huh? Thank God you were there and so ready to jump into action.

    We decided to paint the exterior of our house, which is rather exciting in our now-nearly-mid-60-otherwise-quiet-life :) While hubby was getting everything ready on the house, I decided to trim the shrubs nearby. Little did I now that our weeping Pine was dripping pitch all over my head. Now THAT was exciting as I spent many days attempting to get rid of it.


  7. Omigoodness! It was a hot, dry summer, for sure. How exciting for you, being a fire fighter. :)

    My most memorable part of summer was the nearly 2,000 mile road trip I took in six days. I actually drove down through Kansas the last day. Probably passed your house on the way. :)

    Oh! And a friend of mine hired me to blog for her! I’m actually blogging for money. Can you believe it?

  8. An exciting thing I did this summer was take some day trips. One was to Norman to see the art museum there. I thoroughly enjoyed my time browsing in the galleries all day. I saw a small art gallery one day in Claremore, one in Tulsa, and the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which opened in Bentonville, Arkansas.

  9. Hey everyone, I’m loving hearing about all of your memorable times this summer. What a variety of special times!

    Kristin, can’t wait to watch the dvd, and Flea, congrats on the paying blog gig! Exciting stuff!

  10. We greatly enjoyed our trip to Gatlinburg; I especially loved not having to cook and all the wonderful meals we had, none more so than our visit to Tony Gore’s for beef brisket, fried green tomatoes, and homemade caramel cake. My mouth is watering now just thinking about it!

    Thanks for this give-away. I love B&N.


  11. I just got back from Lexington, where I was helping my daughter move, and working on getting the house ready to sell. After getting Liz’s stuff down to her new place in AR I was left alone with no t.v. or anything. It was good to have some time to myself. There is a little lake behind the back yard there, and many mornings I was awakened by the honking of canada geese, as they flew in to land on the water. After awhile I started waking up early, and taking my camera down to see if I could get some good photos of the geese, and also ducks that were on the water. I did get some good photos. I’ll send you some of my faves. It was just a nice quiet time for me.

  12. Saw a little black bear by the side of the road in Banff National Park in Canada.

  13. Elaine, I can almost taste that caramel cake. Yum! :)

    Jeneal and Debbie, looking forward to seeing your pics!

  14. I almost forgot to get in this. I read 7 really good books this summer. I wish I had a job where they paid you to read.

  15. A road trip to Oregon – my hubby drove, and I knitted. Wouldn’t it be just fabulous to live in a state where water usage wasn’t a continual worry??

  16. Our bike trip to CO!

  17. My summer was very different this year. I run a home based daycare and am starting to phase out little by little. This was the first summer in 22 years that I didn’t watch kids. I had a specific plan for what I wanted my summer to look like – God said I think we need to do this my way and intercepted – it worked out well for me. I did a whole bunch of stuff – painted the main level of our home, worked on my weight loss -successfully so far, played with our grandchild, took a walk or two, spent lots of time at my favorite coffee shop drinking chai tea lattes and visiting with good friends, surfing the web, way too much time on pinterest :), and most importantly great quiet times with God. All in all a pretty good summer.

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