Increased Demand


**I wrote this post yesterday afternoon, and by early evening Don’s mom had to be hospitalized again. Please pray for us all as her one remaining kidney is failing. I decided to go ahead and publish the post as written yesterday. I pray that it will be a special help and an encouragement to someone.

Seasons ebb and flow, don’t they? With that in mind, I guess you could say we’ve been in the flow of winter for several weeks now here in the Midwest. Personally, I’ve been in the flow of another season the past couple of months as well. A season that’s kept me on the go. A season of increased demand. Not a huge increase, but an increase nonetheless.

Over 10 years ago, Don’s mom entered a new season of life. An ongoing season of needing care. Of course, this change brought a new season to our lives also. A season of increased demand, with its own unpredictable ebb and flow. We’ve seen periods that have been long and intense as well as fairly uneventful stretches of time. But even in its ebb, the season is there.

Thanks to assisted living, we’ve had major help meeting Mom’s daily care needs, but we are in charge of the extras — medical care, finances, errands, etc. Recently, due to extensive dental work, a health crisis, a 10-day hospital stay before Christmas, and three doctor appointments this past week, the demand has seen an increase.

In all areas of life, it’s no secret that when demand is increased, there is need for supply. In our case during those times, I find I need good health, more time, more flexibility, more unselfishness, more love, more peace. Yes, I need more…

In times of increased demand (more commonly called stress), people turn to many things looking for their supply, their relief. Where do I turn to find the “more” I need? I turn to the Lord. He is the one who can grant me good health. He is the one who multiplies my time by allowing me to accomplish what I need to with what I have. He is the one who can help me care more about others’ interests than my own. He alone can supply the love needed for another day or the peace my spirit cries out for. He is my more…

Are you in a season of increased demand, a season of stress? This season can take many forms, you know. In fact, it’s not uncommon to move from one to the other without much reprieve in between. Sometimes they even overlap. Let me encourage you to look to the One who can be your supply, to look to the One who can be your more. He is all we’ll ever need.

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 KJV

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  1. Cheryl, I’ll be praying for Don’s mom and for you! Try to take care of yourself as much as you can.

  2. Cheryl, you and your family are being lifted up right now.

    Timely post for me, I am in a season of increased demand.

  3. Dear Father, Please be with Don’s mom, and with Don, Cheryl and their entire family. Please give Don’s mom comfort and peace until the end – whenever that is. And please be the supply for all of them as they face whatever comes.

    In Jesus’ precious name,

  4. Thanks so much, my faithful friends, for your love, support, and prayers. What a blessing to know we are being lifted in prayer!

  5. Thanks for sharing your need with us. It’s interesting you should write this. I’ve written some thoughts tonight about “doing our doing” with an “as unto the Lord” kind of heart. I think it aptly fits with your thoughts here.

    May God continue to bless you all with rest and wisdom and the peace that comes from trusting Him with all of your seasons.

    Thinking of you tonight~elaine

  6. Elaine, thanks for sharing your thoughts — and especially for asking God’s blessing for wisdom, rest, and peace. Oh, how we need each of those!

  7. Cheryl,
    I’m praying for God’s comfort and strength for your mother-in-law and your entire family.

    I’m in a mini-season of increased stress, but most of it is somewhat in my control. Reading your post makes me want to make sure I make more time to visit with my parents and in-laws while all are still in good health.

    Blessings to you,

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