A Lavish Gift of Love

Have you ever wanted to lavish a costly gift on someone—whether financial, emotional, or an investment of time and effort—but felt a little unsure about it?

I’m not referring to using your resources in an irresponsible way, one that would leave you unable to pay your bills or meet your current obligations. No, I mean questions you may have about whether it’s right to splurge on someone you love when millions around the world are so needy, when there are so many worthy causes that could benefit from your investment.

Consider this example from the life of Jesus. Matthew tells us in his gospel (ch. 26:6-13) about one—identified as Mary in the John 12:1-8 account—who lavished her love on the Savior just days before his crucifixion.

During a banquet given in Jesus’s honor, Mary came to Jesus and anointed him with a jar of very expensive perfume. She drew immediate criticism, however, from the disciples for what they called a waste. They pointed out that the perfume could have been sold and the money given to the poor.

Jesus saw it differently, though. He said, “She has done a beautiful thing to me. The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.” (Matthew 26:10b-11)

He went on to tell them that she would be remembered for this act of love wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world. Jesus approved of her lavish gift of love.

Today the same is true. Worthy causes and desperate need will always be present, but we won’t always have our loved ones with us.

I’m not saying we should forget the poor or hurting. Of course, we should give to help those in need. But I think we can also feel free to lavish a costly gift on a loved one occasionally. After all, it’s a beautiful thing to show someone the depth of our love. Just ask Jesus. I think he would approve.

“. . . love one another deeply, from the heart.”  1 Peter 1:22b

*What lavish gift of love have you received?

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  1. I’m immediately recalling the week prior to my first chemo. My dad bought me a 32 inch flat screen for my den so I could have something to watch while healing. My dad has always lavished his love on me at so many levels;I think his example of generosity has modeled for me the same.

    Yes, lavish love expressed in many ways. It’s in these unexpected gifts when we catch a glimpse of God’s love for us.


  2. Very nice, Cheryl. A good piece, inspiring.Thanks.

  3. Elaine, love how your dad lavished his love on you during such a time of need. Daddies love their girls no matter how old they get, don’t they?

    Elece, thank you! So glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. In my possession is a small, faux leather, zippered, three-ring binder. It is a scrap book, filled with writing and clippings and inspiration from the man who stood as godfather at my Lutheran baptism. He spent months and months accumulating this lifetime store of wisdom and inspiration for me. It was his gift to me on my twelfth birthday. Sixty-two years ago this June. It is a major part of who I have become.

    I have never since received so lavish a gift of self from anyone else. Nor can I ever give something so lavish to another. My gifts fall far short of that.

  5. Judith, what a treasure! Such a gift of time, effort, and love. Maybe you can pass it on one day to someone else with love. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cheryl – I enjoyed this inspiring post, especially with Easter just days away. I think I have always valued the gifts of time and love above all else. Have a wonderful Easter.

  7. Great point. Wonderful post.
    Happy Easter!

  8. Mairead and Nancy, thanks so much — and a wonderful Easter to both of you!

  9. Oh this is so nice!!

  10. Thank you, Alicia!

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