Idea for Displaying Programs: A Basket

the programs

Details, details, details! They never seem to end when you’re planning a wedding. I wish I could tell you, Mother of the Bride, that you’ll get a brief reprieve right before the wedding, but to be completely honest, you’ll be dealing with details right up until the guests leave and all that’s left to do is box up the cake.

Here’s a detail you might not have considered yet: Have you and your daughter thought about how you’ll display the wedding programs?

Displaying the programs in a basket is an attractive and handy idea. We used this method (see photo above) when Kristin and Shawn got married.

A nice basket looks great on its own, or you can add a bow or ribbons along the side in the color of the wedding. You could even line the basket with coordinating fabric if you’d like. A basket also serves as an excellent way to keep the programs all in one place and makes them easy to move if needed.

If a basket won’t work for you or isn’t quite what your daughter has in mind, just brainstorm together for ideas that might provide the perfect solution. For Kelli and Jake’s wedding, we had room at the church’s welcome center to display the programs on either side of the guest book. The display looked beautiful—and so will yours!

*What are other great ways have you seen to display or distribute wedding programs?

*Photo by Chris Humphrey

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