Signs of Life

Spring is finally in full swing. Signs of life are everywhere—and just in the nick of time. Our season of renewal was a little later in coming than usual, and some of us in the Heartland were ready to stage a coup early this month on winter’s stubborn rule. And stubborn, indeed, it has been. It staged a final assault (we hope!) just this past week.

When looking for signs of life, naturally we notice the big ones first. Grass is turning green, weeds are attempting their annual takeover of our lawns, and leaves as well as a variety of beautiful blossoms are adding color once again to the landscape of our neighborhoods. In fact, we get giddy over green this time of year. And, of course, warmer temperatures beckon us out the door every chance we get. Oh yes, delicious spring is here.

If we look a little closer, other signs of life are stirring as well. A little over a week ago, I noticed birds beginning their nesting rituals (like in the photo above). After gathering as much dried grass as they can hold in their beaks or finding the longest straw-like weeds they can maneuver through the air, they take flight to the perfect spot they’ve chosen for their coming chicks. Just one more wonder of nature. Just another sign of life.

But you know, no matter the season, signs of life are always around us. Even in winter, we spot smoke rising from a neighbor’s chimney. Someone’s living and moving and breathing inside those four walls. We know someone’s home. We see the evidence.

Unfortunately, we are sometimes met with no signs of life. A plant or tree we’ve tended goes brown. We watch for green that never comes. A momma bird faithfully sets on eggs week after week, finally giving up and abandoning her labor of love that never hatched. The ER doctor, desperate to give the waiting family good news, works feverishly to get a heartbeat and see his patient’s chest rise with renewed breath. But alas, no signs of life.

Beyond the signs of life we see in our physical world, what signs of life should we see across the spiritual landscape of our lives? What evidence of the life of Jesus can people see in us?

Can others tell by simply watching us that the Lord is at home in us? Do they see him living and moving in us? Are they able to witness compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness when they look our way? Will they catch a whiff of joy or gentleness or peace when they draw near?

When others stop to consider us, may they always find evidence of Jesus living in us. No matter the season, may they always find signs of life. Signs of His life.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:7

*How have you seen Jesus in someone lately?

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  1. My landscape – the soil of my heart – is changing. God is tilling, and I am willing. I’m excited, yet cautious. Change sometimes surprises me, and I fall forward in reckless abandon. This free fall, thankfully, is attached to faith. I know I’m not going it alone.


  2. Love your attitude, Elaine. May we all be willing when God is tilling! (love that phrase by the way)

  3. Oh Cheryl what an awesome post!!

  4. Thanks, Alicia! Glad you enjoyed it!

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