Worth the Drive – Part 2

Last time I promised more on the topic of my writers group. Let me start with some background. In early 2006, a little more than 10 years after I had begun writing, I started wondering if I should be doing something else. The plentiful rejections and long stretches between successes left me doubting if I was on the right path. I definitely felt like God had led me to begin my writing pursuits, but I couldn’t help but question if He now had a different plan for me. After all, I wanted my work to be used, my time to be well-invested, and wanted to be able to contribute more to our finances.

In the beginning, I had researched how to get started in the writing business and then plunged in, hesitant and hopeful at the same time. I asked for God’s leading, committed my work to Him, and simply plowed ahead in the best way I knew how. Most of the time I felt like a lone ranger, though. By its very nature, writing can be a lonely business.

As time went on, I poured out my frustrations to God and also shared them with my good friend Jeneal. Since she too had writing aspirations, we had mutually encouraged and acted as sounding boards for each other over the years. Sensing my current struggle, she sent me a Bible study for writers (Write His Answer by Marlene Bagnull). As I worked through it, it left me feeling reassured and refreshed.

Jeneal had also joined a writers group called Fellowship of Christian Writers and could not stop singing their praises. Even though they were 75 miles away from me, I decided it would be well worth the time and expense to attend (interacting with other writers was one of the things the Bible study had recommended). I was hooked after just one meeting. The support, camaraderie, and training have drawn me back again and again. In one short year, I have made several new friends, gained tons of writing and publishing insight, have received and also given encouragement to others, and have had my batteries recharged time and again. To sum it up, no more lone ranger status for me.

How about you? Are you part of a group that recharges your batteries? If not work-related, maybe for some other aspect of your life? A special interest or maybe a church or community group? If not, take a tip from a former lone ranger writer — plug in somewhere and get recharged. You’ll be glad you did. Remember our Words To Live By from last week? “…encourage one another and build each other up…” (1 Thes. 5:11).

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