In Spite of the Fog

What’s the first window you look out of each morning? With the blinds still closed in my bedroom and no windows in the adjoining bath, I make it all the way to the kitchen before glancing out at the new day. The other morning I had to do a double-take. Instead of clear skies and the soft morning light I expected to see, thick fog met my early morning check of the day. What’s up with this? I thought. The weatherman hadn’t mentioned fog on the late news the night before. But then again, mother nature outwitted the forecast last week as well.

I left the fog in all its ghostly glory for a short time to attend to a few little tasks before coming back for a deeper taste of the day. Still cold outside, I poked my head out the door to bask in some early morning moments with the world around me — and with the Creator of it all.

The fog certainly obscured my vision, cutting short the distance I could survey in the neighborhood as I do on every other morning, but I couldn’t help but notice that this unexpected weather phenomenon had a beauty all its own. The pure white of the cloudy visitor felt soft and gentle and welcomed me to relish it in a new way. With not being able to see the vibrant images I’m accustomed to, the sounds around me seemed to ring out more clearly. The melodies of the birds quickly captured my attention.

As ever, their songs lifted my spirit and made me smile. And then it dawned on me. In spite of the fog, in spite of obscured vision and the uncertainty of the beyond, they still sang. Their voices rang out strong and unhindered. They didn’t let the fog stop them from singing.

How much more should I continue singing the praises of my Creator, the praises of my Savior, when the fogs of life’s situations envelop me? Oh, that my voice will ring out in praise and thanksgiving even when I can’t see clearly, even when I’m confused or uncertain. And maybe, just maybe, my song will lift the spirit of someone else. Let it be so, my Lord!

“I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.” Psalm 34:1

*My mother-in-law’s Monday labs show that she held her own this past week. The human body never ceases to amaze. (She’s certainly proved it time and again!)

*Flickr photo by mysza831, Creative Commons License


  1. Glad your M-I-L is holding her own.

    We have been shrouded in fog the last 2 mornings until 10am or so. It is pretty…as long as you don’t have much of a commute in the mornings.


  2. Stunning picture. Stunning truth. Chosing the song, despite the fog. Love it, Cheryl. GREAT POST!!!


  3. Elaine, so glad you liked the picture as well as the post. I found the pic at (no copyright notice). Amazing how much a photo can add to a post, isn’t it?

  4. What a wonderful post! It gave me chills! And speaks so true…thank you!

  5. I love that picture! I want the cover of one of my novel’s to look like that. Thanks for the post.

  6. Cheryl, this is beautiful. Just beautiful. Can’t think of any other way to describe it. Thank you so much – I needed to read this.

  7. Mandi, T. Anne, & Renae, so glad you all enjoyed the post. And what a blessing to hear, Renae, that it met a special need for you. God is so good to minister to us as we need it, isn’t He?

  8. A great big “Amen” goes right there.


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