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I finally got around to playing the 25 Random Things to Share tag game over on Facebook the other day. Thought you might enjoy reading my list and discovering some new and totally useless-information-to-you stuff about me :) Here goes:

1. I’m double-jointed in all my fingers.
2. I’ve had chicken pox twice.
3. I never went to kindergarten.
4. I don’t like milk unless it’s chocolate.
5. My first job besides babysitting was at a donut shop.
6. One of my old nicknames was Sherbie.
7. When I play Spades, I’m known as Shark :)
8. I’m not a good swimmer and don’t like to be in water over my head.
9. I am arts and crafts challenged.
10. My dad calls me Cherylsy-Werylsy. (say it like it rhymes :) )
11. I’ve never traveled east of St. Louis.
12. I LOVE Harry & David dark chocolate truffles.
13. I write a Christmas poem each year to put in my Christmas cards.
14. I love to go to the mountains but haven’t been in almost 13 years.
15. When I was in high school, I won 1st place doing a French reading at a Language Competition at the local university.
16. Last September I won my first writing award.
17. We get together with our friends the Irwins for every New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July.
18. I broke a finger playing volleyball with my students when I taught junior high.
19. I crashed an entire display of glassware while shopping for a wedding gift when I was in high school.
20. Don gave me a potted flowering plant from the local Foodtown for our first Valentine’s Day.
21. We spent our first anniversary in the emergency room thanks to a kidney stone – Don again :)
22. Both of my babies were overdue. Kristin by 10 days and Kelli by 16 – ugh!
23. I learned to drive a stick-shift in Don’s VW bug in college.
24. I hate cold weather.
25. My mom made me a from-scratch fresh orange layer cake every year for my birthday when I was growing up. I now make one each Christmas as the birthday cake for Jesus.

Discover any common ground with me? Any of these tidbits of info surprise you? Believe it or not, this list just scratches the surface of the random “stuff” of my life. If I continued on, I would be able to surprise everyone — even those closest to me. All except one, that is…

Yes, there is one who knows everything about me — all of my likes and dislikes, my hopes and dreams, my fears and failures. My heavenly Father knows me inside and out. Matthew 10:30 tells me He even knows the number of hairs on my head. Amazing, huh?

I find comfort in knowing there is someone who knows me so well. I can be completely at home with the One who has walked with me every step of the way. He’s not surprised at the random tidbits of my life. Like the loving Father He is, He just smiles a knowing smile…

Our heavenly Father knows and loves you, too. What are some of the random things He knows about you? I would love to see your list! (Or at least two or three things!)

“O Lord, you have searched me and you know me…you are familiar with all my ways.” Psalm 139:1a;3b

**Update: Don’s mom is doing much better! Her kidney function has continued to improve ever so slowly but will likely deteriorate again when she is dismissed from the hospital and off continuous IV fluids. As far as post-hospital care, God granted us a reprieve this week. Since there was no availability in the nursing home, she got to stay in the skilled nursing unit of the hospital. She has since grown stronger and will probably get to be released back to her assisted living facility if all continues to go well. This is a huge praise. Thanks for all the prayers!

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  1. Great picture. I like the writer’s pose. :)

  2. I love all these things that make you who you are :) It’s funny that some things are similar to me, like the donut shop job, but some things are completely opposite, like drinking milk!

  3. love that you are a shark at spades would have never guessed that. bill and i love to play but our friends will rarely let us be partners.

  4. I also had the chicken pox twice!

    An entire glass display? Oh, Cheryl. :-)

  5. Love your picture. I love your 25 things…and so agree about chocolate milk…though I do use plain milk in my coffee each morning. Thanks for the update on your mother in law.

  6. Thanks for all the comments, gals. Glad you enjoyed my list! Also fun to hear about some of our similarities!

  7. This post offers humorous and uplifting insight into you life experience.

  8. OK Sherbie, or is it Shark? Anyway, H&D dark chocolate truffles are the best. Have your tried the dark chocolate mint? I took a ton of them to the P31 conference last year and made fast friends!

    I, too, love the mountains and try to get there every year. My dad calls me “Lainsey”, and my husband surprised me with a dozen pink roses tonight at the launch of our Esther series…

    “You’ll always be my queen” it read.

    Just some random thoughts, Sherbie.

    More later.


  9. Hi Cheryl :)
    I’m double jointed in all of my fingers, and toes as well.
    I can also pop both of my thumbs, and my wrist out of place! Freaky, I know.

    – Joanna

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