A God Overflow


If you’re like me, I bet your heart overflows at times with all the things God is to you. Often that overflow comes pouring out during moments of personal worship. I love to list to God all the wonderful things he is to me. I never get tired of telling him. And I bet he never gets tired of hearing them either.

May my words of praise lead you in your own time of worship today!

Lord, You Are

O Lord, you are everything
I’ve ever needed and more.

Thank you for being
my Father, my Friend,
my Leader, my Guide,
my strong Tower, my Rock, my Refuge
You are my Fortress and my Deliverer.

Lord, thank you for being
my Redeemer and Savior,
my Hope, my Joy, my Peace,
my Provider and my Protector.
You are my Comfort and my Song.

Lord, thank you for being
the Lover of my soul,
my Light, my Sustainer, my King,
my Source of all wisdom and love.
You, Lord, are my past, my present, my future.

O Lord, you are all of this and more.
How I love you,
How I worship and adore you!

“O God, you are my God . . .” Psalm 63:1a

*What has God been to you most recently?

*Flickr photo by Leshaines123, Creative Commons License


  1. Yes, thank you, Lord! And thank you, Cheryl, for verbalizing my feelings!

  2. Jennifer Dougan says

    Hi Cheryl,

    It’s true for me too. Out of worship, more worship just flows! Your lines: “my Light, my Sustainer” most resonated with me in there.

    Jennifer Dougan

    P.S. Thinking of you and your mom too this week for some reason. I think because another friend is too.

    • Jennifer, love how you say out of worship, more worship flows. So true! And thanks so much for thinking of me and remembering that I’m still grieving. Love how God puts people on our hearts so we can whisper prayers for them. Appreciate your thoughts and prayers so much!

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