Wedding Photo Idea: Rings on a Starfish!


Mother of the Bride, is your happy couple planning a beach wedding—or one involving the ocean in any way? Maybe boating, sailing, or just ocean life in general? If so, here’s a creative idea for a wedding day photo of the rings.

Why not use a starfish to display the rings? Not only will it make a super-fun and memorable photo of the biggest day in your little girl’s life, but it will be a great photo in and of itself. Just look how it captures the intricacies of the starfish. Amazing, huh?

If your daughter and her hubby-to-be like this idea, you might be able to think of some other ways to incorporate starfish into the celebration, too. It’s always neat to see a common thread recurring in various places, and it could be a great way to feature some of the wedding décor in the wedding photos as well.

So MOB, why not see if your sweet girl would like this idea? Might as well make a splash with the rings, too, right?!

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*Flickr photo by Ryan Smith Photography, Creative Commons License

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