Wedding Day Photo Idea: Bridesmaids Hold the Groom!

248DSC_8984Looking for a casual, fun wedding day photo idea of the bridesmaids and the groom, Mother of the Bride? Well, look no further. Today’s idea will provide a great photo as well as a ton of laughs.

Just tell the girls to hoist the man of the hour into a horizontal position and let the photographer capture the zaniness. From the photo above, you can see how this type of shot can work especially well at a beach wedding or in another outdoor venue. It’s definitely not a church sanctuary shot, is it? This one works best when saved for after the ceremony when everyone gets more comfortable.

My daughter Kristin (the bridesmaid on the right) got to enjoy this fun photo shoot with this special group of friends from her college days. Such fun—and what a great memory captured forever with a photo. A treasure indeed.

Suggest this shot to your daughter and her beloved, MOB, and see if they don’t love it immediately. Bet they will!

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*Photo by Sebrie Images

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