Thank You Note Idea: A Wedding Photo!


Mother of the Bride, here’s a way for your darling daughter and son-in-law-to-be to send thank you notes that will keep the celebration going and serve as keepsakes, too: Suggest that they feature one of their wedding photos on the front of the note card! Great idea, huh?

Not long ago, we received the darling thank you note pictured above. What a treat! It was special  not only because it came from long-time  family friend Abby and her sweet husband Brian but also because they shared a memory of their wedding day by including a photo as well.

Abby and Brian’s note card illustrates one way to create a clever personalized thank-you note, but lots of other approaches could also be used. Share the idea with your bride and groom, MOB, and see what unique touches of their own it might inspire.

So go ahead—add a thank-you note shot to your list of photos for the photographer to take. I guarantee it will bring smiles to all who receive them.

 *What are some other creative approaches to thank-you notes?

*My photo


  1. Love this idea!

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