Go Green Wedding Tip: Rent and Borrow More Items

Mother of the Bride, is your daughter earth friendly and hoping to incorporate some green strategies into her wedding celebration? If so, along with some of her other ideas, I’ve got a super simple and economic idea to add to the list. Simple plus economic! Can’t be that, right?

One eco-friendly wedding tip, MOB, is renting and borrowing more items. Brides can rent everything from gowns to jewelry to vases. Some vendors even offer rentals as they respond to the economy and to customers’ buying habits.

I’m glad that borrowing wedding items has become more widespread. When you stop and think about it, so many items can be borrowed—or rented. Be sure to read my “borrowing” post for lots of ideas.

MOB, go ahead and make a list of things to borrow or rent and then also ask your vendors for any rentals they offer. They may offer something you hadn’t yet put on your list. Then after the wedding, be ready and willing to loan the items you actually bought. Other budget-strapped MOBs will thank you!

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