Wedding Photo Idea: The Corner Shot


Cool idea alert! Cool idea alert! Mother of the Bride, your daughter and her beloved will be forever grateful if you pass the corner shot wedding photo idea along to them. Not only will it turn out to be one of their favorite photos of the entire wedding, it will be a sweet and memorable experience for them as well.

Have them scope out the wedding site ahead of time and find a corner that will look good in photos and be relatively easy for them to get to before the wedding without seeing each other. So much fun for them to hold hands before the ceremony and know the other is just a few feet away. Talk about anticipation—and a great photo to cherish for years!

*What great wedding photo idea can you pass along?

*Photo by Will Flowers


  1. Barbara Younger says

    This isn’t anything overly creative, but we did a family shot of both families–from immediate members to cousins. It’s neat to see the generations and the two families mixed together. Now that several older members are gone, the shot is especially dear.

  2. I saw a neat photo series idea for a bride and groom who will see each other before the wedding for their photos. The bride and groom stand at a distance with their backs to one another, then the groom turns around and walks toward the bride, so you see both their faces, though the bride can’t see the groom. When the bride turns around, it’s a neat photo opportunity too.

    • Love this idea, Kristin — sounds so full of anticipation and joy. Thanks for sharing. Love how others might discover new ideas from those of you who comment!

  3. Oh, I saw another neat idea today! A photo of a bride and groom leaning in for a kiss, and they were holding a big “&” between them. So cute!

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