Bridal Portrait Idea: Watching for the Groom

looking out window

Isn’t this photo gorgeous and precious all at the same time? I may be a little biased since the bride is my sweet daughter Kristin, but this particular pose of watching for the groom conveys so much—grown up beauty and the promise of joy as well as little girl excitement and overflowing love. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

So when it comes time for your daughter’s bridal portrait day—one of the most delightful wedding planning days you’ll experience, by the way—make sure your photographer captures a “watching for the groom” shot. I promise it will immediately become a favorite.

*Notice how Kristin’s photographer, Chris Humphrey, chose a beautiful spot for this shot and took advantage of perfect afternoon sunlight coming through the windows. May you have equally good luck with your bride-to-be’s bridal photo shoot!

*What other terrific ideas have you seen for bridal portrait shots?

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