Handle With Care

So what do empty-nesters do on spring break? Go see their kids, of course! :) The twist this year? Not only did we travel to see our oldest and her beloved, we helped them move from the rental in their new city to a more permanent spot — a house they purchased earlier this month! They found a wonderful home in a great neighborhood, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

We’ve been on hand for each of Kristin’s kajillion moves since she left home for college, but this was the first time we witnessed the moving of one of her newest prize possessions — her baby grand piano (can’t remember if I’ve mentioned she’s a professional pianist). This is one item that the Four Parents Moving Team (Shawn’s folks and us!) are not allowed to move. Nor, I might add, do we want to attempt it. We all know when something is beyond us, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Well, usually :)

An expensive and precious item like a baby grand deserves — and needs — to be handled with care. And when it comes time to move one, professionals must do the job. Shawn and his dad both jumped in to provide extra pairs of steadying hands, but the men who move pianos day in and day out were the ones fully in charge of the operation. The rest of us stood back, each one holding his or her breath while I, of course, snapped pictures :)

Since then, thoughts of other things that need — and deserve — to be handled with care have come to mind. As I mentioned in my post about the Book of all books, I tell my little ones in Sunday School that the Bible is a special book, and I teach them to literally be careful as they handle it. And now I’m wondering, as adults, do we handle the Word of God with the respect and careful thought and studying it deserves? Do we treat it as one of our prized possessions?

What else in our lives needs to be handled with care? Our relationships, our reputations, our health? How about our finances and the earth God entrusted into our care? And let’s not forget our testimonies as children of God. Each of these is precious and deserving of special care.

What else can you think of that calls for us to go above and beyond, that calls for handling with care? Will we be faithful to give them the careful attention they deserve?

“Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity…” Ephesians 5:15-16a


  1. Piano movers are worth their weight in gold. I had no idea that your daughter was a professional pianist. How wonderful to make a career out of a passion.

  2. I think our reputation is what I handle with most care. I pray our name always glorifies His!

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