Bridal Portrait Idea: A Shot with Mom

DSC_1851Mother of the Bride, here’s an idea to suggest to your daughter and her wedding photographer—ask if you can be included in one of the bridal portrait shots!

Even though the bridal portraits are, of course, all about the bride, the bride’s mom (that’s you!) has played an integral role in getting her to this point in the bridal journey—and the journey of life as well, right? On this day for memories, why not capture a shot of the two of you together? Take my word for it, you’ll both treasure the photo as soon as you see it.

So go prepared, MOB. Wear a pretty top or dress and while your daughter is getting ready for the photo shoot, make sure your hair and make-up look nice, too. I didn’t know the photographer was going to take the shot above on my daughter Kelli’s bridal portrait day so I’m sure glad I was wearing a nice top in a great color. We’re lucky the photo turned out as good as it did, but you don’t have to depend on luck—you can go prepared!

And now MOB, enjoy every minute of your daughter’s bridal portrait day. It’s a day for the memory books, that’s for sure!

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*Photo by Will Flowers

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