Giving Good Gifts

Don’t you just love it when you give a good gift? I scored big a few days ago with Don’s birthday present. Who knew an outdoor light for the garage would thrill a guy so? Well, I had my suspicions. After all, he loves his outdoor gadgets. Remember his love affair with his new mower? :)

When asked for gift ideas, Don’s never any help. He always says he doesn’t need anything. Lucky for me, though, I remembered helping him shop for a garage light last summer. He never decided on one because he didn’t want to spend the money for the nicer ones. He contented himself with just keeping the old rusty light fixture awhile longer — as if 30 years is not long enough :) Fact is, it’s older than that. It was here when we moved in!

So…when his birthday rolled around this year, I knew I had the perfect idea — if I could just pick out a light that he would like. My friend Teri was just the gal I needed for a shopping escapade to Lowe’s. She knows that store inside and out, thanks to her husband Dennis :) I thought she might want to whack me over the head when I told her I needed to stop there during our April trip to T-town, but she’s a real trooper. She just laughed, got in the spirit, and helped me conquer the task with relative ease.

When it came gift-giving time, I teased Don with remarks like, “You’re gonna be really surprised…” and “I got you something you’ve been wanting for a long time…” It nearly drove him crazy. He couldn’t imagine what I had gotten him.

When he finally saw it, he did go crazy. He loved it. He raved about it. He couldn’t believe that I’d gotten him a garage light. You would have thought I’d just presented him with a snazzy new car or a he-man pick-up. But no, a brushed silver, beveled glass garage light thrilled him just the same. Well, maybe not exactly the same… :) But however you look at it, I hit a homerun with the garage light. I did good.

Giving good gifts brings great joy and satisfaction — to the giver as well as to the recipient. And as much as we love giving good gifts, God loves it even more. Jesus said, “‘If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!'” (Matthew 7:11)

God delights in giving us gifts — good gifts. What good gift has He given you recently? Or do you need to ask Him for something that’s on your heart? Go ahead. Talk to your Abba Father. Then trust Him to give you what’s best for you!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…” James 1:17a

**Update: I heard today that Tara is home from the hospital. Thank You, Lord!


  1. My husband is all about gadgets; I like them too! We’re Lowe’s people over here. Happy birthday to your husband.


  2. Way to go Cheryl and I believe it really dresses up the garage.

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