Whose Time Is It Anyway?

It happens to everybody. The frustration of lost time. Whether it’s projects or chores not going as planned and taking more time than anticipated or mistakes, delays, and interruptions actually stealing our time away, most of us deal with this challenge on a regular basis. The question becomes, “How do we handle it?”

I, for one, usually let myself get too irritated. Just the other day, I went from cool, calm, and collected to plenty aggravated after getting my mother-in-law to her doctor’s appointment just to find out that the doctor wasn’t in that day. Come to find out, someone had called and left a message with the wrong person.

On the surface, this may not seem like a big deal. But when you look at the bigger picture (this is just one of four doctors I have to take Don’s mom to see, we would have yet another appointment now, I already had medical appointments on two other days that week, plus it was only 23 degrees outside), it’s easy to see why aggravation was my natural response. I just hope I didn’t show it too much.

My mother-in-law’s easy-come, easy-go attitude about it all helped me keep my reaction in check. She had already been to the hospital three times that week for infusions and absolutely hated getting out in the cold, but she still managed an “oh well, it happens” kind of response. In fact, I should have been more upset for her sake than my own, but I’m afraid my feelings were more selfish than that. I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

Part of my frustration over lost time is probably just due to the way I’m wired. I’m a goal-oriented, organized, structured kind of gal. Flexibility is not my strong suit. (Okay, I can hear the “amens” from those of you who know me well!) Since rolling with the punches doesn’t come naturally for me, it takes conscious effort on my part when I’m met with these kinds of frustrating situations.

When my day isn’t going as planned, I try to remember a phrase from Psalm 31:15 that says “My times are in your hands…” Also in Jack Hayford’s book Praise in the Presence of God (which is a compilation of excerpts of his other books and is, by the way, on my list of “Books That Will Bless”), he suggests starting each day by saying something like “Lord, this day is Yours, and so am I.”

So now, I put both of those things together. Before ever getting out of bed, I try to start my day with the right attitude by praying, “Lord, this day is Yours, and so am I. My times are in Your hands.” It really does help me trust my day to the Lord and give my time to Him. I just need some reminders as the day goes on :)

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