Wedding Reception Game for the Bride and Groom


Mother of the Bride, if your happy couple is looking for some extra fun to incorporate into their wedding reception, here’s a suggestion—The Shoe Game! This wedding reception game for the bride and groom is so much fun and so simple to do for those who want to add to the traditional line-up of first dances, cake-cutting, and throwing of the bouquet and garter.

Just have the bride and groom sit back to back, kick off their shoes and give one of their shoes to the other while keeping one for themselves, and prepare to answer “Who is” type-questions posed by one of the wedding party or even the DJ. The newlyweds (the photo above features our friends Stephanie and Trevor) answer by raising the appropriate shoe.

Laughter and banter abound as the bride and groom unveil their answers to questions like who is the most fun at a party, who is the most attached to their phone, and who is most likely to toss their clothes on the floor. The possibilities for questions are endless, and everyone loves the fun of getting the insider scoop and seeing whether or not the newlyweds agree. The extra bonus is a great photo like the one above!

So MOB, find out if your newlyweds to be would be up for The Shoe Game and then put a bug in the maid of honor’s ear. It will be fun for all!

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*Photo by Micah Emily Photography

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