God’s Calling Card


God’s Calling Card

In the midst of a yard
littered with leaves,
leaves dying and drying
becoming brown crackles,
God leaves his calling card
in a splash of color
a red reminder that says
“I am here, I am still with you,
I am not finished.”
For the winter to come
holds beauty and blessings
purpose and plans
always shining a beacon of hope
for the coming new life of spring.

And in the midst of a life
overrun with cares,
drowning in heartache and stress
struggling to stay afloat,
God leaves his calling card
in a blessing unexpected
a radiant reminder that says
“I am here, I am still with you,
I am not finished.”
For the crucible of pain
holds comfort and lessons
purpose and plans
glimmering with undying hope
for the blessing that’s on the way.

God is faithful
God can be trusted.
So in the meantime
let’s watch for his calling card,
his precious reminder
of love and hope.

“‘I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.’” John 14:18 KJV

*When has God left you a calling card?

*My photo from last year. The leaves have just started to change in our area this season. Here’s hoping for gorgeous trees soon!

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  1. Beautiful poem Cheryl and photo to go with. Love it!!

  2. Nancy Douglas says

    I just love this Cheryl. Love it in every way. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! Wonderful! Splentastic!

  4. You are so gifted.

  5. Cheryl,

    Aren’t the red and orange splashes of color spectacular right now?! I have been exclaiming at them here in MN too.

    Thanks for your prayers and kind words during this last month for my family.

    Jennifer Dougan

  6. What a wonderful word picture of God’s reminders to us that He is still there. I love the autumn – all the splashy colors, the brisk air, pretty much all the incredible fall foods. But even winter has its unique beauty when you remember God is very much at work in the unseen, out of sight places. On the surface life seems barren sometimes, but God is still at work in our hearts, even, perhaps even especially, in those supposed fallow times.

    • Diane, thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for sharing your thoughts on winter and its unique beauty as well. So much to learn from — and in — every season, isn’t there?

  7. Beautiful words and thoughts, Cheryl. God’s calling card waiting for us in the midst of all the brilliant colors of fall – what a wonderful idea. This little poem lifted my heart today. Thank you.

  8. Awesome poem! Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the beautiful colors and the change of season.

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