Casting a Shadow

Shadows. They can be scary, can’t they? They hold the unknown. They sometimes even hold danger.

In life, we encounter shadows of a figurative kind. The menacing ones seem gigantic. Things like cancer, terrorism, financial problems, loss of loved ones, and divorce. Shadows like that can nearly suffocate us.

But not all shadows in life are negative. This time of year—in the heat of summer—shadows provide shade and welcome relief. We don’t run away from them. Instead we run to them. Some we welcome with open arms.

Loved ones cast a comforting shadow when we’re hurting. Mentors provide the shade of experience and encouragement as we try to grow. Friends offer the shelter of companionship when we’re lonely or needing some fun. And the Word of God stands ever-ready to give us whatever kind of refuge we need. No, not all shadows are negative.

The question we need to consider is what kind of shadow are we casting today in the lives of those who know us? What would they say about our influence or our impact on them if given the opportunity?

Do we bring others (or maybe just certain people) down by our negative or critical attitudes and words? Do we add a dark cloud of worry wherever we go? Or instead, do we lift people’s spirits with our happy dispositions and words of encouragement? Do we cast a ray of sunshine instead of an unwelcome shadow?

If you’re like me, it may be a mixture of both. Sometimes our families get an up-close and personal taste of the negative side of our personalities. Hopefully, those are balanced out by all the positive influences we bring into their lives.

Let’s make sure our shadows—whether with family or with the world in general—are the kind people run to, the kind that provide shade and welcome relief.

Let’s cast shadows that people welcome with open arms.

“O LORD, you are my God . . . You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat.” Isaiah 25:1a, 4a

*Who has cast a positive shadow in your life?

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  1. I have several friends from church – Wanda, Brenda, Margie, Paula, and Cathy to name a few who have really shown me that being positive is the way to go. Most of all walking with God daily will help with that positive attitude! The have been a great encouragement to me!

  2. Nanette, friends are such a blessing. So glad you have several at church who are an encouragement to you!

  3. Wow what a great post!! Makes you stop and think about how you affect other people and how other people affect you.

  4. Thank you, Alicia. Glad you enjoyed!

  5. Shadows do bring fear and joy, especially to children. I love to watch my kids playing hand shadows on the wall, laughing at the funny figures they create. I love the contrast you draw in this post. I pray my children feel safe in the shadow of love I cast over them.

  6. Mairead, love your phrase “safe in the shadow of love.” Your children are very blessed indeed!

  7. You have cast a positive shadow in my life!

  8. Aw, thanks, Jeneal. That goes both ways, you know. So thankful for your friendship!

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