An Artist without Limits

IMG_3582As you feast your eyes on the varied canvases God paints for us day in and day out, are you ever inspired in your own creative tendencies? I am. Words, phrases, or sentences sometimes come to mind as I stop to notice a gorgeous sky or the beauty of a perfect flower.

Below you’ll find my latest poem—one example of just such inspiration. Hope it blesses you. And remember, even though you may not be a writer or an artist, each of us is creative in one way or another. Let God’s beauty spark your own creative juices!

The Endless Artistry of God

Your artistry, O Lord, is endless,
your creativity without limit,
no two skies are ever the same
no two clouds identical.
Even on winter days
when the green of leafy trees
no longer dances with the sky,
you grant us a new view of beauty,
a gorgeous glimpse
of blues and puffs of white
through the dark lace of naked branches.

Never do we need to fear
continual sameness in our lives,
we can simply step outside
and discover the special treats
you craft for us each day.
Varied sights, sounds, smells
all await us as gracious gifts,
gifts of your artistry,
gifts of your unlimited creativity,
gifts of your love and power.
Oh Lord, my Lord, your artistry is endless.

“I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.” Psalm 9:1

*What artistry of God has inspired you recently?

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  1. Don Barker says

    Being a biologist, I’ve always felt in awe of God’s ability to create life forms from a single celled organism such as a protozoan to a multi-cellular human being. Either way, the cell of a protozoan and a cell of a human being, both possess the basic characteristics of life- Growth, Reproduction, Irritability, and Metabolism. It’s amazing enough that a human cell would possess all of these, but to think that a single bacterial cell also possesses these. But then I think, how did God squeeze all of himself into a man named JESUS ? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m so very thankful that he did.

    • Wow, Don, thanks for sharing about a side of God’s artistry that most of us non-scientific types wouldn’t normally think of. Amazing indeed! And love your thought about how God squeezed all of himself into a man. I’m thankful for that, too — and I’m thankful so thankful you shared your thoughts here today. Love you!
      p.s. for those who don’t know, this is my husband! :)

  2. Beautiful words painting a beautiful picture of our God’s artistry, power, and love.

  3. I have been doing some similar writings! Am interest in ways to share them and even take it to another level. Any info on how to do this would be greatly appreciated!! Blessings to You and Yours!!

    • Welcome, Gail! Feel free to contact me by email or via my contact form to give me more info about your writing and what you’re hoping to do. I have a letter I email to people who ask me for info about writing for publication. All the best to you!

      • I have been writing for about 3 years! It started out as a self expression of feelings and thoughts. Words just began to flow! I started sharing them with family and friends and they started asking for copies! Saying it spoke to them being exactly what they needed to hear and were helpful in what they were dealing with! Each encouraging me to seek a way to share on a larger scale and seek publication!
        Many touch on the life challenges I have experienced and they have been many! And how a relationship with GOD and a strong faith can bring you through any life experience! Others dealing with challenges that everyone is called to deal with, daily emotions and choices we make!!
        I know nothing about persuing this!! Or if my writings are good enough! My contact with you is my first attempt to get information on where to begin! I do feel this is a GOD thing and not a Gail thing! I guess I am trying to see if these are given to me to help me and those I know and love!! Or if GOD can use me and the writings to touch others and make a difference!! If yes, I want to share! So any advice and direction would be greatly appreciated!! Blessings To You and Yours!!

        • Gail, it definitely sounds like you have some writing ability and that God is using your words if people are asking you for copies. That’s wonderful!

          I will email you (I have your address from the address you filled out when you left your comment) and send you the letter I have written for people who are interested in pursuing writing. I wrote it somewhat casually for a friend but then have sent it to many like yourself who ask questions about writing for publication. So, it’s not a polished piece of writing, but I share some good info, even if it’s not organized the way I would have done it if I had been writing a professional piece :)

          One of the very best things you can do to get started is find a writers group in your area (or even online groups, but both would be even better!) where you can get instruction and support. Also, learning about the craft of writing and growing as a writer is so important before submitting pieces for publication. I wish you all the best and will email you the letter. God bless!

          • Gail Frost says

            Thank you for the information and encouraging words! And will look forward to receiving the letter! Blessings!!

  4. Cheryl, the part about not fearing “continual sameness” brings a big “YESSS!” to my heart. It makes me want to actively seek each day’s treats.

    Don, what a wonderful thought about the cells, and the way God squoze everything into Jesus. (“Squoze” should be a word.)

  5. You always write such awesome poems Cheryl!!

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