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Wedding Photo Idea: Flower Girl with the Bride’s Shoes


Mother of the Bride, want some super-cute photos of the flower girl on Wedding Day? Grab the bride’s shoes and ask your photographer to take a couple of fun shot shots like those pictured here.

Not only does the photo above with the shoes standing back to back creatively feature an article of the bride’s attire, but it captures a precious flower girl’s dream of one day being a bride herself. Such a sweet shot.

The shot below shows off every little girl’s love of wearing high heels—and not just any high heels, but the bride’s high heels. Talk about a little girl’s ultimate fantasy!

Waste no time, MOB, in adding this idea of the flower girl with the bride’s shoes to the list of photos you’d like your photographer to take.  Everyone will love it!

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Make Arrangements with the Caterer for Leftovers


Mother of the Bride, here’s an important tip—make arrangements with your caterer for leftovers and get it in writing. You’re paying dearly for all the food at the wedding reception so you are entitled to take home everything that’s left over.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming the caterer will automatically save the leftovers for you. Some may have a policy of tossing food that has set out for a certain period of time. If that’s the case with your caterer, you’ll need to make plans for the food to be packed up and refrigerated (if needed) before the time limit is reached.

Also, a verbal agreement is not enough. With one of my daughter’s caterers, I verbally mentioned my desire to be given the leftovers but failed to get it in writing. By the time I asked her about the food after the guests had left the reception, she informed me that it had already been thrown out. I was very unhappy but couldn’t do much about it because I had forgotten to get the details in writing.

So, MOB, let the caterer know your desires about this issue in one of your pre-wedding meetings and have them include the details in the contract you sign. Save yourself the disappointment and wasted money by making firm arrangements ahead of time. Learn from my mistake, okay?

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Wedding Reception Game for the Bride and Groom


Mother of the Bride, if your happy couple is looking for some extra fun to incorporate into their wedding reception, here’s a suggestion—The Shoe Game! This wedding reception game for the bride and groom is so much fun and so simple to do for those who want to add to the traditional line-up of first dances, cake-cutting, and throwing of the bouquet and garter.

Just have the bride and groom sit back to back, kick off their shoes and give one of their shoes to the other while keeping one for themselves, and prepare to answer “Who is” type-questions posed by one of the wedding party or even the DJ. The newlyweds (the photo above features our friends Stephanie and Trevor) answer by raising the appropriate shoe.

Laughter and banter abound as the bride and groom unveil their answers to questions like who is the most fun at a party, who is the most attached to their phone, and who is most likely to toss their clothes on the floor. The possibilities for questions are endless, and everyone loves the fun of getting the insider scoop and seeing whether or not the newlyweds agree. The extra bonus is a great photo like the one above!

So MOB, find out if your newlyweds to be would be up for The Shoe Game and then put a bug in the maid of honor’s ear. It will be fun for all!

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*Photo by Micah Emily Photography

Bridal Portrait Idea: A Shot with Mom

DSC_1851Mother of the Bride, here’s an idea to suggest to your daughter and her wedding photographer—ask if you can be included in one of the bridal portrait shots!

Even though the bridal portraits are, of course, all about the bride, the bride’s mom (that’s you!) has played an integral role in getting her to this point in the bridal journey—and the journey of life as well, right? On this day for memories, why not capture a shot of the two of you together? Take my word for it, you’ll both treasure the photo as soon as you see it.

So go prepared, MOB. Wear a pretty top or dress and while your daughter is getting ready for the photo shoot, make sure your hair and make-up look nice, too. I didn’t know the photographer was going to take the shot above on my daughter Kelli’s bridal portrait day so I’m sure glad I was wearing a nice top in a great color. We’re lucky the photo turned out as good as it did, but you don’t have to depend on luck—you can go prepared!

And now MOB, enjoy every minute of your daughter’s bridal portrait day. It’s a day for the memory books, that’s for sure!

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*Photo by Will Flowers

Wedding Cake Trend: Ruffles!


Mother of the Bride, have you noticed the wedding cakes designed with ruffles yet? Ruffled cakes are definitely one of the hot trends right now—and it’s no surprise. They are gorgeous!

Whether tiny ruffles (as pictured above) or larger ruffles like one of the ones featured on The Knot website, either one will shine like a superstar at your daughter’s wedding reception.

Your darling girl can have fun deciding on other details to complement the ruffles, too. Maybe she’ll choose an ombre variety like the one above or she might want to go with elegant white adorned with fresh flowers in the color of her wedding. She might go with one ruffled layer and another layer in roses—or maybe a layer in a smooth finish adorned with a bow. All kinds of possibilities abound.

So MOB, suggest the ruffled cake to your daughter and see if it strikes her bride-to-be fancy. And be sure to check out my Wedding Cakes Pinterest board to see other examples of ruffled cakes. Enjoy window shopping!

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*Flickr photo by Whipped Bakeshop, Creative Commons License