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Craft a Bridal Keepsake Box

Bridal Box Teri made for Kristin

*Since the readership of the Mother of the Bride Blog is ever-changing, here is an updated encore post I hope will be helpful to those of you who weren’t MOBs when I originally posted it in January 2014. Also, I’ll be taking a blogging break next week for Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a wonderful week celebrating Thanksgiving with your families. See you November 30th! (In the meantime you might like to read A Mother of the Bride’s Thanksgiving Prayer.)

Mothers of the Bride, for those of you who are crafters—or have friends who are crafters (yes!)—delight your daughter with a gorgeous bridal keepsake box like the one pictured above. I’m not a crafter at all, but thank goodness my good friend Teri is. She made the beauty above for my daughter Kristin when she was a bride-to-be.

Start with an oval shaped box. Right away this makes it special by using a shape that’s not as common. Believe it or not, this box is actually a Harry & David Dark Chocolate Truffles box. And if you don’t happen to have one lying around the way I did (chocolate lover that I am!), go ahead and treat yourself so you can use the box later. That’s as good a reason to eat truffles as you need, MOB! :)

Think about what bridal-themed adornment might appeal to your daughter and cover the box accordingly. Teri and I chose a variety of lace, pearls, and pretty silk rosebuds for Kristin’s box. Teri then styled the box, using her trusty hot-glue gun as her right-hand man.

So why not give it a try, MOB? It’s fairly simple to do (if you’re someone like Teri!) and can be used to store any number of wedding keepsakes. Teri included homemade garters in Kristin’s box. Take my word for it, whatever you do, your daughter will treasure it.

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*Photo by Kristin

Wedding Photo Idea: A Veiled Kiss


Mother of the Bride, I hope you and your darling daughter are collecting some great wedding day photo ideas. Your photographer will be sure to have some amazing ideas of his or her own, but it’s always a good idea to take note of shots you love. Why not guard against any disappointment by giving your photographer a list of shots you’d like included.

Bride and groom kissing shots are always winners, but I think the veiled kiss photo idea above is especially sweet. The dreamy quality created by draping the bride and groom with her veil truly whispers romance, doesn’t it? It captures a private moment of the new Mr. and Mrs. all alone in their own little world of love.

MOB, why not share this veiled kiss photo idea with your daughter and see if it captures her heart? If she’s a bride who doesn’t want to wear a veil, the desire for a shot like this just might change her mind!

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*Flickr photo by dan.thoburn, Creative Commons License

Scattered Pearls Wedding Cake

9243582418_cdeac3095d_z Mother of the Bride, are you and your bride-to-be daughter gathering ideas for a wedding cake yet? It’s so much fun looking at all the possibilities out there—and if you think that’s fun, just wait until it’s time to taste a few. My husband even wanted to get in on that aspect of wedding planning!

The scattered pearls cake pictured above is a great one to share with your daughter. The cake top with fresh flowers and adorned with edible pearls looks both elegant and lovely as well as interesting yet delicate. And, of course, since pearls fit in well with almost any wedding décor, this cake idea is very versatile.

The cake above features ivory and gold pearls and would look amazing with almost any color scheme, but other color combinations could work as well. If silver would fit in better with the bride’s chosen colors and décor, silver pearls and a silver cake stand could easily be substituted for the gold. Since other colors of edible pearls are also available, your daughter might even choose one of her actual colors to be one shade of pearls adorning the cake.

So MOB, why not see what your little-girl-turned-bride thinks of the scattered pearl cake. The search for the perfect cake might just be over. If so, let the tasting begin!

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*Flickr photo by Whipped Bakeshop, Creative Commons License

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Serve as Sign Bearer


Mother of the Bride, today I have a super cute idea for your darling daughter’s wedding ceremony. Don’t waste a minute suggesting this idea and showing her the above photo. Cuteness this sweet deserves immediate attention, right?

Just before the bride comes down the aisle, why not have the flower girl and ring bearer help announce her entry? They won’t have to say a word. They can simply walk in together while the ring bearer wears a sign proclaiming “Here Comes the Bride”.

The ring bearer is the best choice as the actual sign bearer. The sign will stand out better against his black tux or suit than it would in front of a flower girl’s dress. Plus, the flower girl will want to show off her dress and be as feminine as possible. The ring bearer on the other hand will be happy to have a more macho duty to carry out than carrying a little pillow down the aisle. A ring bearer never carries the real rings anyway so why not let him do something fun like this?

Letting the flower girl and ring bearer serve as a sign bearer will also provide an adorable wedding day photo. Give your photographer a heads up about your plans for the sign, and he or she will be ready to capture some sweeter than sweet shots.

So MOB, suggest away—and be ready to tuck this precious memory away with all the others you’ll make on Wedding Weekend. Enjoy each moment to the fullest!

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*Flickr photo by outreachr.com, Creative Commons License

Bridal Veils: The Corded Veil


Mother of the Bride, if your daughter has found the gown of her Big Day dreams, it’s now time to start thinking about a veil. Be aware that some brides will prefer not wearing a veil at all, but if your bride-to-be is not in that group, you’ll want to help her carefully consider what would look best with her particular gown.

An elegant and classic choice that looks good with numerous bridal gowns is the corded veil. The simple cord adorning the edge of the veil, whether single or double-tiered, works especially well with gowns featuring a lot of detail. Something simple in a veil perfectly complements the gown then rather than competing with its already gorgeous detail.

Do you think a corded style might be the answer to your sweet girl’s bridal veil needs, MOB? If so, be sure to put it at the top of your list of suggestions. She just might agree!

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