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DSC_4414_2.jpgIf you need someone who understands what’s going on in your life right now and wants to help you enjoy the journey, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything from fabulous ideas to much needed advice and encouragement. Come on in and be refreshed!

Watering Can Wedding Centerpiece


Mother of the Bride, has your beautiful bride-to-be decided what she’d like to use for the centerpieces at her wedding reception yet? If not, I have an idea for you today that just might catch her decorating fancy.

A watering can centerpiece, like shown above, is super cute and could be appropriate for several wedding styles or themes. This unique centerpiece featuring a watering can, flowers, and kerchief (or bandana, depending on your terminology) would be the perfect addition to weddings featuring rustic/country, cowboy/western, or picnic and other casual outdoor themes. As shown above in reds and blues, it could even be a great choice for a Fourth of July wedding.

This adorable centerpiece could be done in a variety of colors, too. Kerchief/bandanas can be found in tons of colors so if you and your daughter can find them in one of her wedding colors, MOB, just start from there and work up. If you can’t find watering cans in one of your daughter’s colors, just go with a standard metallic finish and then tie your colors back in with flowers in the wedding colors.

Why not show this creative and fun idea to your darling girl, MOB? Your centerpiece search might just be over!

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Wedding Cake Idea: The Textured Cake


Mother of the Bride, here’s a wedding cake idea that has a different yet still elegant look—the textured look. The majority of wedding cakes have a highly finished, sleek look so the textured finish of this cake makes for an eye-catching and beautiful change of pace. If your bride-to-be hasn’t noticed textured cakes yet, be sure to show her these examples.

The example above is striking in solid white while the one below adds another element by combining an ombre cake with the textured look. Both are gorgeous. If your daughter prefers the more traditional white, she could still have the baker or florist add a splash of color with fresh flowers as a topper or even some other colorful topper.

Don’t you love how there are so many options for wedding cakes today, MOB? Hope you and your darling daughter have loads of fun surveying—and then sampling!—all the possibilities out there!

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*Flickr photos by Whipped Bakeshop, Creative Commons License

Mother of the Bride’s Wedding Day Advice for the Bride

So in loveMother of the Bride, would you like to give your daughter some invaluable advice for Wedding Day? No, not advice about marriage but advice for the big day itself. Advice that can change a jam-packed day from a blur to a beautiful experience and memory. Yes, somehow I knew you would.

Here’s what to do: Find a few moments during Wedding Weekend to pull your bride-to-be aside and give her some final motherly instructions before she becomes a married woman.

Tell her to enjoy her wedding day, to be present in the moment. Encourage her to delight in every detail, to capture the magic of the moments and imprint them on her heart. Remind her to drink in the beauty that surrounds her, starting with her groom and with the love they share. And then remind her to savor the love of family and friends and enjoy each moment with complete abandon.

Mother of the Bride, let your love and wisdom bless your sweet girl one more time. May you all have an unforgettably wonderful wedding celebration!

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey Photographer

A Fair Trade Wedding Registry: Ten Thousand Villages

6220171175_948f7ee6ec_zMother of the Bride, would your happy couple like to support fair trade and help fairly paid artisans around the world? Suggest that they create a wedding registry with Ten Thousand Villages! Even if there is not a store in your region, they can create a registry online. Guests can then shop online and have gifts shipped to the address of their choice.

Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade retailer who has been empowering and supporting fairly paid artisans in developing countries for almost seventy years. They have numerous stores located around the nation and offer all kinds of items for the home, indoor and outdoor, as well as personal accessories like jewelry and scarves.

Creating a wedding registry with Ten Thousand Villages is a definite win-win. Not only will your daughter and future son-in-law give your guests an opportunity to bless the happy couple with a special gift, they will enable them to be a blessing to a hardworking artisan in another part of the world.

MOB, waste no time—encourage your bride and groom to register with this wonderful retailer now. They will get to do some good as they celebrate their marriage!

*Create the registry here: Ten Thousand Villages

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*Flickr photo by Thien V, Creative Commons License

Photography Tip for Wedding Weekend

3464890649_e196088bbd_z*Since the readership of the Mother of the Bride Blog is ever-changing, here is an encore post I hope will be helpful to those of you who weren’t MOBs when I originally posted it in July of 2013. Hope it helps!

The last thing the Mother of the Bride wants to do during Wedding Weekend is take photos. Of course, MOB, you’ll have a professional photographer for the day of the wedding, but precious photo opportunities will abound all weekend long. Like any loving mother, you won’t want to miss a single shot, but it’s hard to be in the moment and enjoy everything fully if you’re busy capturing it all on camera.

Here’s a tip that will free you up not only to live the moments as they unfold but will also take one big responsibility off your shoulders: Ask a family member or friend to be in charge of your camera for the entire wedding weekend. You’ll then be able to concentrate fully on carrying out your MOB responsibilities and on enjoying all those once-in-a-lifetime moments as they happen.

Be sure your designated amateur photographer understands the importance of his or her role. Ask them to take shots of anything and everything a devoted MOB would want pictures of—decorating day and all that it entails, the rehearsal and dinner following, the bridesmaids luncheon or other pre-wedding events, moments the extended family spends together, and of course fun shots of Wedding Day that your professional photographer might not get. It’s always nice to have the day recorded from various vantage points, and your camera-toting volunteer will make that possible.

And you, Mother of the Bride? Just be in the moment and enjoy!

*What kinds of things should you consider when deciding who to ask to fill this role?

*Flickr photo by Kevin Dooley, Creative Commons License