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Wedding Centerpiece: Cupcake Bouquets!


Mother of the Bride, have I got a super-creative, super-yummy centerpiece idea for you and your sweet girl today—Wedding Centerpiece Cupcake Bouquets!

What’s not to love about a centerpiece that will definitely not go to waste? And what can be be more exciting for guests than cake at their very own tables? This is definitely a win-win idea!

Ask your cake baker/designer to frost the cupcakes to look like roses and then select whatever color will work best with your décor plan. You can even go with different color bouquets scattered throughout. For an extra touch of variety, you can offer multiple flavors of cake—but nothing is wrong with one divine flavor either!

A variety of bases and numbers of cupcakes in the bouquets can also be used. A pail is used in the examples pictured here, but flower pots, baskets, crystal glassware, or even wooden crates can work as well. A pretty ribbon wrapped around the base also adds a nice touch.

So MOB, see if this idea appeals to your daughter—and then have fun brainstorming cupcake bouquet ideas together!

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*Flickr photos by clevercupcakes, Creative Commons License

Double the Yum With Double-Layer Groom’s Cake


Mother of the Bride, if your daughter’s beloved isn’t really interested in a groom’s cake with a theme, why not suggest this elegant double layer/double flavor option? The decadent yum-factor will be sure to make it a hit with everyone.

Just think of the possibilities: Different flavors and/or different fillings for each layer, the variety of toppers that could work (flowers are pictured here, but strawberries would be gorgeous and delicious, too.), and even the color combination for the frosting could vary. The photo above is just the jumping off point for what your sweet couple might come up with.

So throw the idea out there, MOB—and then lobby for the flavors of your choice, right?!

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*Flickr photo by prettydaisies, Creative Commons License

Visual Overview of The Mother of the Bride Blog


Mother of the Bride, I need to take an early and extended Spring Break blogging break so I thought this would be the perfect time to point you to a visual overview of my entire Mother of the Bride Blog. I’m hoping this will make it super simple for you to catch sight of posts that interest you so you click over to them and quickly find the help you need.

You’ll find this visual overview of the blog on my Mother of the Bride Blog Pinterest board. Since I’ve pinned each post to this board, you can just scroll down and see not only the title of each post but a photo as well. This way if you don’t have time to read blog post titles, the photo alone will help you decide what to investigate further.

I’ll return with regular blog posts on March 23, but in the meantime, enjoy window-shopping my blog through my blog post Pinterest board. Hope it helps!

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Old West, Flyer-Inspired Wedding Stationery Idea


Well, Ma of the Bride, is your little bride-to-be cookin’ up some rootin’, tootin’ fun for the day she’s gettin’ hitched? If so, why not add to the Old West rustic fun with some invitations that match the style of the wedding?

Typography style stationery that looks like flyers from the Old West will be the perfect addition to an Old West/cowboy/rustic themed wedding. Regional or era-appropriate wording like “Y’all come” or “gettin’ hitched” can add to the overall fun, too, on everything from save-the-dates to invitations to the rsvp cards. The happy couple can get as down-home as they’d like or reign it in a bit, whatever suits their particular personalities and styles.

The typography style flyer-invitation might be something that the bride or groom or another family member or friend could design fairly easily, too. Saving money is always a plus, isn’t it, MOB, not to mention the personal touch that will always be remembered.

So Ma, if your sweet gal is cozyin’ up to the idea of an Old West, cowboy, or rustic-themed wedding, show her this idea and see if it tickles her down-home fancy. Ya’ll have fun now!

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*Flickr photo by Sarah Parrott, Creative Commons License

Fun Photo Idea for the Groom and Groomsmen


Mother of the Bride, how about this fun after-the-ceremony photo idea for the groom and his groomsmen? Suggest this shot to your soon-to-be son-in-law and I guarantee it will be a hit. Every guy wants to be celebrated like this at some point in their lives. Why not on his wedding day?!

Just ask the photographer to have the groomsmen lift the groom to their shoulders like the victorious hero he is. After all, he did it! He proposed, he made it through the wedding preparations, and he actually said “I do.” He got married!

This will be the groom’s chance to shine, MOB. Let the boys have their fun and capture it with a photo!

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*Photo by Will Flowers