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Great Links For You, Blogging Break For Me


July means it’s time for a two-week blogging break for me, but I’m not leaving you without some help, Mother of the Bride. I have some great links for you to peruse at your leisure. Whether you drink them in like one long gulp of refreshing lemonade or come back from time to time to have a sip here and there, I hope the ideas and inspiration you find here will hit your MOB spot.

Have you discovered the Strictly Weddings site yet? They feature the best of the best and are a great place to get ideas even if you’re not located in one of the cities they feature. I follow their Facebook page and Pinterest boards and love the photos they post in both of those places. Keep in mind that even if most of what they feature seems out of your budget, you can still look for similar items that will fit your price range better.

Here are the Strictly Weddings links:

Strictly Weddings website
Strictly Weddings Facebook page
Strictly Weddings Pinterest page
*My favorite board on their Pinterest page is their Wedding Cake Board.  Big surprise, huh?! :)

Enjoy the wedding eye candy, MOB! Hope you find some terrific ideas to pass along to your daughter. I’ll be back August 4th. See you then!

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Rustic Wedding Bridal Shoes: Boots—What Else?


Mother of the Bride, if your little gal is planning a rustic wedding, she may want a touch of country in her attire—and that may mean boots on her feet!

Even though boots may clash a bit with the best gown of your daughter’s lifetime, they really can be super cute when you have a rustic theme going on throughout the wedding. If you add a touch of rustic to the bouquet as in the photo below, the boots will even provide that other element that will tie her attire all together. And just think of all the cute photo possibilities!

So Momma of the Bride, saddle up and get in the hoedown spirit. If boots will make your baby girl happy, kick up your heels and join the fun. Boots it will be!

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*Flickr photos by Villa de Amore, Creative Commons License

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Polka Dot Nails for the Bridesmaids!


Mother of the Bride, here’s a fun idea for your daughter’s bridesmaids—polka dot nails! It might not be something the bride herself wants to do if she wants to go classic and not have her nails draw attention away from her dress or her bouquet, but this could be super fun and cute for the rest of the girls to do if it’s done tastefully.

Other design elements to the manicure could be added as well—just the tips in polka dots, a glitter line of some sort, different designs on different fingers, etc. I’ll include a few photos below to give you some ideas.

Another thought—polka dot manicures for all the girls could be a special gift from you, the MOB, to all the bridesmaids as the bride gets her nails done, too. You could do this in lieu of a bridesmaids luncheon if you’d like. What a fun outing for the bride and her best girls as they get ready to celebrate the big day. Go for it, MOB—they will love you for it!




4793923713_5575f4e686_z*Photo credit in order of appearance:

1. Flickr photo by i love nail polish. . .   2. Fickr photo by kittynailpolish  3. Flickr photo by Eye Candy Joanne Duckmanton  4. Fickr photo by kittynailpolish  5. Flickr photo by .Krol.  All with Creative Commons License.

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White or Cream Bridal Bouquet: Add a Touch of Color


Mother of the Bride, does your daughter know what kind of bridal bouquet she’d like yet? She might be a little overwhelmed with all of the possibilities out there. Should she go with vibrant color or a shade of white or cream to blend with her dress? Roses or a mix of blooms? A hand-held stem bouquet or a cascade design?

If she loves the white or cream-colored rose option (always beautiful!), suggest this tip our florist gave us for my daughter Kelli’s bouquet: add just a hint of another soft color. For example, like in the photo above, incorporate just a few roses that have a pale pink edge but with a center color that blends with the color of the primary roses.

Isn’t it amazing how the lightest touch of color can make a bouquet even more distinctive and beautiful? And just think how gorgeous the photos will be. Give your girl this suggestion, MOB—you’ll both be glad you did!

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*Photo by Flowers Photography

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“Something Old” Ideas for the Bride


The something old tradition lives on, Mother of the Bride. Since tradition is such a big part of weddings—even those that have some non-traditional elements— it’s not surprising that most brides still want to incorporate the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition into their bridal attire. Today let’s focus on the something old aspect.

The something old element of bridal attire provides not only a cool vintage factor, but it packs an emotional punch as well. Most something old items belong (or belonged) to the bride’s mother, grandmother, or some other beloved family member. The item is special because of the person and/or previous wedding it represents. Something old items are usually treasured belongings.

Here are some ideas for something old that you can share with your daughter. Some are very standard and traditional while others may be new to you:

*A bridal gown that has been handed down from you, the mother of the bride, or even from the bride’s grandmother. Since everything vintage is very much in style now, your daughter might just like this idea!

*A bridal veil worn by a family member or family friend from a previous generation.

*A necklace or bracelet that has been in the family for years. Rings aren’t the best option since the bride won’t want another ring competing with her wedding ring in any way.

*Hair combs from a bygone era are a good option, too. Depending upon the bride’s hairstyle, these can be used without a veil since the veil is worn only during the ceremony.

*A slip or petticoat that you, the MOB, or another family member wore years ago on her wedding day. My daughter Kristin wore the slip I wore on my wedding day even though she needed a fuller petticoat over it. She wanted to wear something I had worn, and I loved that she wanted to do that.

*A vintage brooch (again from a family member or friend) used as bouquet jewelry. A brooch can be added in the flowers themselves or attached to the stems.

*A handkerchief or small bride’s Bible that can be attached somehow to the bouquet and carried by the bride. If the bride has an item like this, she’ll have to keep it in mind when choosing the style of her bouquet.

Run these ideas past your daughter, MOB, and see if any of them appeal to her. Whatever she chooses will be special. It will forever hold a special place in her heart and will fulfill tradition at the same time. Another win-win on the wedding front!

*Can you think of other ideas for something old?

*Flickr photo by Sherry’s Rose Cottage, Creative Commons License

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