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End-of-May Blogging Break


The first half of May has been a whirlwind for me and the last half of the month promises more of the same. I’m willing to bet it’s a jam-packed month for you, too, Mothers of the Bride. In fact, some of you may be throwing the event of a lifetime as we speak. Others may be gearing up for a summer wedding. Whatever our situations, I’m willing to bet the month of May is busy for all of us.

And so, dear MOBs, I’m going to apply my 2015 theme word rest to my life this month and declare an end-of-May blogging break. Sometimes we just need to cut ourselves a break, and this is one of those times for me.

I’ll resume regular posting on June 1, but in the meantime, why not peruse the list of Favorite Posts on the sidebar or use the drop-down feature in the Archives to spot some posts that might be especially helpful to you at this stage in your Mother of the Bride journey. I hope you find just the help and encouragement you need. All the best as you work with your daughter to plan the wedding of her dreams!

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Wedding Photo Idea: The Minister’s Bible

Keith & BibleMother of the Bride, some of the simplest shots your photographer captures on Wedding Day can speak volumes. No elaborate background set-up, no gathering of the bridal party or family members, just some ideas in mind and a photographer with a great eye.

The minister with his Bible is one such photo that conveys deep meaning. I love the shot above that focuses on the Bible and not on the minister himself. It speaks of the importance of the day and the holiness of the ceremony. It says God is here. It says this marriage is founded on the instruction and wisdom of God. Yes, this simple shot speaks volumes.

So, MOB, when you’re compiling a list of shots for the photographer to take on Wedding Day, be sure to include the minister-with-his-Bible idea as well as other artsy-type shots you might have in mind. Just tell the photographer some general ideas you’d like included, and he’ll be ready to work his magic. Bet you’ll be pleased!

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*The new issue of Life Notes, my quarterly inspirational newsletter, came out earlier this month. It’s not too late to receive it. Sign-up is free and to the right!

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Make the Mother of the Groom Part of the Team

4197459050_4ec8e9f299_zMother of the Bride, have you reached out yet to help the Mother of the Groom feel included in some way in the wedding preparations? Remember, the wedding you’re helping your daughter plan is a very big deal to the mother of your little girl’s beloved, too. This is a major milestone and celebration in the life of their family as well.

True, unless the groom’s family is helping in a significant way financially and thus in charge of certain aspects of the wedding, you and your daughter will take care of most of the wedding preparations. However, you can enlist the MOG’s help for certain things.

Here are a few ideas to help make the Mother of the Groom feel like she’s part of the team:

1) Ask her to be in charge of providing the card box/container to use on Wedding Day for any wedding cards guests may bring.
2) Invite her to help decorate the church and/or reception venue the day before the wedding.
3) Ask if she can provide some needed items such as cake knife and server set (since one will be needed for the groom’s cake as well) or a champagne bucket.
4) If a problem arises with some aspect of the wedding prep, is there some way she might be able to help? If so, call on her.
5) Is there an errand she can run? For example, if you need to find multiple items of a certain component of the centerpieces, can she check to see if more of the items you need are available at the store in her location?

MOB, these are just a few possibilities for including the MOG. I’m sure you’ll be able to think of others. The important thing is to just reach out, to make her feel included. The joy will be that much greater during Wedding Weekend if you’ve built a bond ahead of time. Don’t miss out on this special blessing!

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Knitted Bridal Bouquet and More


Mother of the Bride, if your daughter likes to think outside the box, the idea of a knitted bridal bouquet might spark her interest—especially if you or your daughter love to knit or you know someone who does. And if you put your knitting-loving self and friends on the job early enough, you might be able to fulfill some of the other flower needs of the wedding as well. Of course, only take this job on if you truly love knitting and find it relaxing and rewarding.

Knitted bouquets and other knitted or crocheted wedding items might not work as well for more formal weddings, but they could fit in nicely at rustic, beach, or vintage inspired weddings. If your daughter wants to use knitted flowers at her formal wedding, though, she should definitely go for it. Every wedding should be unique and personalized so she should ultimately feel free to do exactly as she pleases.

I’ve seen a variety of knitted or crocheted wedding items online—bouquets, shrugs and capelets, cumberbunds and bow ties, shawls and wraps, purses, napkin rings, and even little wedding outfits for pets. Lion Brand Yarns offers some free patterns for some of these items. Those of you who knit or crochet probably know of other free patterns as well. If you could post links to them in the comments, that would be great.

Check with your daughter, MOB, and if she gives the thumbs up, grab your knitting needles and get busy. The wedding will be here before you know it!

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Bridal Dressing Room Must: Full-Length Mirror


Mother of the Bride, I imagine your daughter and her beloved have already secured their wedding ceremony location since that’s one of the first things that needs to be done before proceeding with other wedding planning. But chances are they didn’t think too much about the bridal dressing room when they made their choice. After all, other factors are indeed more important when selecting a ceremony venue.

But now that the venue has been selected, be sure to tour it at some point with your daughter. Not only will you want to see the area to help plan décor, but be sure to view the rooms the wedding party will use to get ready in and then await the big moment.

In addition to wanting a bridal dressing room large enough to accommodate the bride and all her bridesmaids, another must is a full-length mirror. The bride and her maids will want to check their appearance before walking down the aisle, and they will want a full-length view. They’ll want to make sure they look perfect, plus they’ll want to savor their beautiful appearance for a minute and tuck it away in their memories. The bride especially needs the opportunity to do this. The groom and his guys will need a mirror as well but it won’t be quite as important to them :)

So, MOB, if a full-length mirror is not already part of the bridal dressing room, add that to your to-do list. Arrange for one and make sure your baby girl gets the view of a lifetime on her special day!

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