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DSC_4414_2.jpgIf you need someone who understands what’s going on in your life right now and wants to help you enjoy the journey, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything from fabulous ideas to much needed advice and encouragement. Come on in and be refreshed!

Wedding Photo Idea: Hideaway Moment


Mother of the Bride, are you on the lookout for wedding photo ideas you can share with the bride and groom? If not, it’s not too late. Today is a great day to get started because I’ve got a super sweet idea to share with you.

The hideaway shot above captures a stolen intimate moment between the newlyweds. Not only will it become a photo they will treasure their entire lives—and I love it in black and white—it will provide them with a precious private moment on the wedding day itself.

Ask the photographer to be on the lookout for a spot similar to the scene above—a place where the groom can pull the bride off to the side for a moment and whisper sweet nothings in her ear or steal a kiss while guests mingle unaware in the background. The stars of the show will be so happy to sneak in some private time like this that they will quickly forget the photographer’s presence and truly delight in the moment.

So MOB, give your love birds an early gift and suggest the Hideaway Moment shot. They will love the idea—and they’ll love you for suggesting it. Another win-win for the Mother of the Bride!

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*Flickr photo by Tela Chhe, Creative Commons License

Wedding Registry to Consider: Pottery Barn!


Mother of the Bride, have your daughter and her beloved decided where they want to register yet? When most of us think of bridal registries, two or three of the standard registries come to mind, but it can be so much fun to throw something else into the mix, too. Guests love having several options to choose from, and the newlyweds can end up with some cool gifts they might not otherwise have received. Fun, huh?!

With that in mind, why not suggest Pottery Barn to the soon-to-be newlyweds? Pottery Barn offers a little bit of everything for the home, and their products are super classy. Your sweet couple can start the process on the Pottery Barn registry page. From there, they can also click on registry benefits where they’ll find some helpful tips for registering. Pottery Barn also has registry experts ready to help couples one-on-one by phone or in their stores.

MOB, Pottery Barn is sure to add to the excitement and fun of the registry process so encourage your happy couple to consider them. They might just find some of their most favorite items there!

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*Flickr photo by Jeepers Media, Creative Commons License

The Mother of the Bride’s Right-Hand Woman


Mother of the Bride, every MOB needs one—a right-hand woman. Someone you can call on at any time during your MOB journey. Someone who can offer advice as well as a listening ear. Someone who rides shotgun on your MOB shopping adventures and also helps with any task you may throw her way. Yes, MOB, you need a right-hand woman.

My right-hand woman for both of my daughters’ weddings was my dear friend Teri (pictured with me above as the reception wound down after Kelli’s wedding.) One of your BFFs, MOB, could serve as your right-hand woman, too, but many others could fill the role as well—a sister or sister-in-law, your mom or aunt, a cousin, or even one of your other daughters. As a matter of fact, my daughter Kristin ended up being another right-hand woman for me when Kelli got married.

And MOB, if you’re lucky like I was, your right-hand woman will offer all kinds of support. She’ll have skills in areas where you lack them. She’ll take joy in helping make your darling daughter’s day the best that it can be. She’ll give you honest but gentle feedback and laugh with you at just the right moments. When you’re overwhelmed, she’ll let you be a mess and love you anyway. She’ll be ever-ready to help and always keep you in her prayers. She’ll be your right-hand woman.

So MOB, look around and identify that helper of all helpers, that friend of all friends on your wedding-planning journey. Cherish her. Lean on her. And every now and then, thank her in a special way. If it involves chocolate for both of you, so much the better!

*Thanks, Teri, for being my right-hand woman when my girls got married!

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*Photo by Will Flowers

Groom’s Cake Idea: A Chessboard!


Mother of the Bride, even though the main wedding cake is pretty much the star of the reception, the groom’s cake can come in a close second. Just tell your future son-in-law to get creative and come up with his dream groom’s cake idea, and you’ll find a baker who can pull it off when it comes time to find the cake designer/baker for the wedding.

One idea that might fit his personality is a chessboard. Doesn’t the chessboard groom’s cake above look sharp? Even the chess pieces can be part of the allure. The pieces here are made of white and dark chocolate. Now that’s the kind of chess game I’d like to play!

If your daughter’s honey is not a chess player, maybe he likes to play cards or checkers or some other board game. Maybe video games are his thing. If so, a good designer can come up with a cake inspired by just about any kind of game.

MOB, share this idea with the groom-to-be and see if it strikes a gaming-chord with him or perhaps inspires another idea. Encourage him to make his groom’s cake choice fun—and if he wants chocolate to play a part, you won’t complain, will you?!

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*Flickr photo by jessica.hanrahan, Creative Commons License

A Prayer for the Newlyweds

4813708804_b236e8f1a1_zMother of the Bride, here is a prayer you can tuck away for the days and months following the Big Day—a prayer for your sweet newlywed couple. Prayer is one priceless yet simple way you can continue to gift your darling daughter and her new husband after they are married. Hope this prayer gives voice to the beat of your heart!

A Gift of Prayer for the Newlyweds

Thank you, Lord, for joining the lives
of this couple so dear to me,
this man, this woman, so deeply in love
pledging themselves to total union.
Lord, give them wisdom to model their love
after your very own,
may love and forgiveness flow without limit,
may kindness be their guide.
Bless them, Lord, beyond their dreams
grant them memories that make them smile,
give them vision to make a difference
to serve loved ones and strangers alike.
Gift them, Father, with many years
living life side by side,
growing even more deeply in love—
this man, this woman, united.

Give the gift of prayer, MOB. It’s a gift that will make a difference.

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*Flickr photo by Villa Amor in Sayulita, Creative Commons License