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DSC_4414_2.jpgIf you need someone who understands what’s going on in your life right now and wants to help you enjoy the journey, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything from fabulous ideas to much needed advice and encouragement. Come on in and be refreshed!

Holiday Break for Me, Gift of Help for You


Mother of the Bride, I’m taking a holiday blogging break until the first of the year, but I have a little gift for you—a gift of help! Allow me to point you in the right direction to find some great ideas and tips. Maybe at some point over the holidays, you’ll have a little time to wear your MOB hat. The chances may not be good, but you never know!

Two great sources of help are right here on my website. Glance over to the right sidebar and scan down until you see the Favorite Posts section. There you will find links to some important or super-helpful posts here on the Mother of the Bride Blog. Also, if you would like info or help on a certain topic, just use the search feature right under my picture on the header. It will pull up all kinds of help in an instant.

Another great source of helpful ideas can be found on my Pinterest page. I have eighteen wedding-related boards filled with terrific ideas for you. When you go over to check it out, be sure to follow me while you’re there so you won’t miss out on great new pins I post each week.

How’s that for some MOB help this holiday season? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

*Find my annual Christmas poem over on my home page. Hope you enjoy—and see you in the new year!

*Flickr photo by top10things, Creative Commons License

Wedding Day Photo Idea: Bridesmaids Hold the Groom!

248DSC_8984Looking for a casual, fun wedding day photo idea of the bridesmaids and the groom, Mother of the Bride? Well, look no further. Today’s idea will provide a great photo as well as a ton of laughs.

Just tell the girls to hoist the man of the hour into a horizontal position and let the photographer capture the zaniness. From the photo above, you can see how this type of shot can work especially well at a beach wedding or in another outdoor venue. It’s definitely not a church sanctuary shot, is it? This one works best when saved for after the ceremony when everyone gets more comfortable.

My daughter Kristin (the bridesmaid on the right) got to enjoy this fun photo shoot with this special group of friends from her college days. Such fun—and what a great memory captured forever with a photo. A treasure indeed.

Suggest this shot to your daughter and her beloved, MOB, and see if they don’t love it immediately. Bet they will!

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*Photo by Sebrie Images

Realistic December Wedding Planning

2926585439_b5c2e16d2c_z*Here’s a special December encore presentation since many of you were not mothers of the bride at this time last year. Hope it helps!

December wedding planning has a different set of rules, Mother of the Bride. And if you break them, sweet friend, you risk not only your sanity but probably a merry Christmas season as well.

A couple of weeks ago I urged you to give yourself a break with time management by saying no to some responsibilities and extra tasks and also by asking for help. But in December the guidelines change slightly. You certainly don’t want to ask anyone for help. Everyone is already overloaded with holiday tasks and events. And from what I hear, it’s not a good time to call on Santa’s elves either.

Saying no to some of your routine responsibilities is still a good idea, though, and if anyone dares to ask you, a mother of the bride, to take on an extra task during the holiday season, not only should they be blasted with a resounding are you crazy, they should also be sentenced to fifty lashes with a peppermint stick.

The main rule, though, for realistic December wedding planning, MOB, is postpone. Yes, postpone any and all wedding planning possible until January arrives. Remembering to live life apart from an all things wedding approach is always good advice but never more so than during the holidays. The holidays should be enjoyed—by you, by the bride and the groom, and by all those living life with you.

If certain tasks must be attended to—like securing a vendor or making a payment on time—do it as quickly as possible and get back to focusing on the special times to be enjoyed during the holidays. Be realistic, MOB, and grant yourself the grace December wedding planning rules afford. You won’t regret it.

*What wedding planning-free activities do you look forward to the most this month?

*Be sure to throw your name in the hat for my “Playing Santa Again” Giveaway on my home page. Deadline to enter is 6 p.m. CST this Wednesday.

*Flickr photo by paperladyinvites, Creative Commons License

After the Wedding: Thank Top-Notch Vendors


Mother of the Bride, as your daughter’s wedding day unfolds, you will notice which vendors really shine in carrying out their roles. Hopefully they’ll all do a wonderful job, but chances are one or two will disappoint. On the other hand, one or two will amaze. And those are the ones that will make your day.

So when a vendor does a top-notch job and goes above and beyond what you expected, why not send him or her a thank you note in the days following the wedding? Why not return the blessing? I guarantee you will make her day with your thoughtful gesture. After all, words of appreciation keep us all encouraged and motivated to do our best, no matter the work we do, right?

Here’s the note I sent the cake baker who not only crowned our daughter Kristin’s wedding reception with a taste of heaven but surprised us with a beautiful visual touch to all of our tables as well:

Emeline, I just had to drop you a note to thank you for the absolutely wonderful job you did on the cakes for Kristin and Shawn’s wedding. They were beautiful and out-of-this-world delicious! I also so appreciated the fresh flower petals you sprinkled around on the tables—that was such a special unexpected surprise. It added so much to the beauty of the tables. Thanks for going out of your way to do that for us!

God blessed in so many ways to help us have a wonderful wedding celebration, and you were one of those blessings.

Thanks again!
Cheryl Barker

Not only did my note bless this vendor (she sent an email thank you for the thank you that same day), but it gave her another name she could add with confidence to her list of references. Remember, giving a glowing report when asked about a vendor’s services is another terrific way to keep showing your appreciation in the future.

Even though you may be ready to close the books, MOB, on your wedding responsibilities as soon as you pull away from the reception venue, take a moment to thank those who helped make your baby girl’s big day extra special. It’s your turn to bless them!

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*Be sure to throw your name in the hat for my “Playing Santa Again” Giveaway on my home page. Deadline to enter is 6 p.m. CST this Wednesday.

*Flickr photo by Virginia L., Creative Commons License

Bridal Portraits: Include Some Artsy Shots


Classic bridal portraits are among some of the most beautiful you’ll ever have of your daughter, Mother of the Bride, but to jazz things up a little, make sure some artsy shots are taken, too.

Check with your daughter and see if that sounds good to her and ask if any specific ideas come to mind. Don’t fail to jot them down. You know how important lists are to the MOB brain!

Let your photographer know that you’d like some artsy shots included in the bridal portrait shoot—don’t expect him or her to be a mind-reader. Ask him to check out the bridal portrait venue when he arrives, looking specifically for spots where artsy shots could be taken. If he is familiar with the venue, he may already have some tricks up his sleeve where artsy shots are concerned. The shot above with the piano was perfect for my daughter Kelli since she can play piano.

Encourage the photographer to have fun with black and white and other filters to see what cool effects can be achieved. Even the slightest variation in color intensity can make a big difference in a finished photo.

So MOB, suggest adding artsy to classic at the bridal portrait shoot. Everyone will be glad you did!

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*Photo by Will Flowers