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Bridal Photo Idea: Down the Aisle From Above


Mother of the Bride, are you looking for some great photo ideas for your daughter’s bridal portrait session? The greater variety of shots the photographer takes, the better the chances are of getting the dynamite photos you’re hoping for. Of course, the photographer will have lots of great ideas, but if you and your daughter can add to the list, so much the better, right?

How about trying a down the aisle shot but taken from above? If the photographer has a way to stand somewhere above the bride, this angle produces an especially striking photo of the bridal gown in all its glory.

This shot can be captured if your daughter’s bridal portrait session is held at the church, but it can also be taken the day of the wedding before the guests arrive.

Similar from above shots could be taken in other locales, too. You wouldn’t get the down the aisle effect, but the photographer could still capture the beauty of the gown from this angle in a number of other gorgeous venues.

Just be ready to fluff the gown, MOB—and then watch the beauty unfold!

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Guest Book Idea: A Guest Tree


Some brides like to skip the traditional guest book and do something with a little more flair. If your daughter falls into that group, Mother of the Bride, today’s post offers one alternative.

Instead of a standard guest book, how about a guest tree? Each guest signs a leaf on the tree, and when the wedding is over, the bride and groom have a keepsake record ready to hang on the wall, a continual reminder of all who joined them for their special day.

Your daughter and her groom can make the guest tree uniquely theirs in a variety of ways. The main design, the style of print, the wording, the colors, the frame, and what the guests sign with will all work together to make their guest tree one of a kind. They might want to incorporate the colors of their wedding, or they might prefer to color coordinate with the room they plan to hang it in. It’s all up to them.

If you think a guest tree might appeal to your special couple, MOB, suggest away. It might be just what they’re looking for—not only as a precious keepsake but as a visible way to symbolize a growing marriage as well!

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The Bride’s Hair: A Trial Run


Mother of the Bride, here’s an important hair tip for your daughter’s wedding day: Be sure to schedule a trial run. You don’t want to gamble with something as important as the bride’s hair on her dream-come-true day. It’s best to have a trial run to avoid disappointment and unmet expectations on the big day itself.

Many brides accomplish this crucial trial run when they have their bridal portraits done. Not only does this special photo session provide an hour’s worth of gorgeous photos of the bride in all her wedding adornment before the I do day arrives, it gives the bride and her hair stylist a chance to nail down and perfect the style the bride has envisioned for herself.

Not all brides choose to schedule a bridal portrait session, though. If your daughter falls into that group, MOB, be sure to suggest a bridal hair run-through. It’s worth the expense of an extra appointment to prevent unwelcome surprises—and unnecessary stress—on the biggest day of your little girl’s life.

Mother of the Bride, as with so many other areas of life, better safe than sorry, right? And don’t forget to snap some photos to help chronicle your wedding planning adventures. It’s all part of the fun!

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Wedding Idea That Sparkles: A Brooch Bouquet!


Mother of the Bride, here’s a brilliant (in more ways than one!) idea for the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets—use brooches! If your daughter wants a look that sparkles or stands out from the ordinary in some way, beautiful brooch bouquets may be just what she’s looking for.

I’ve pictured several styles in this post so you can see how versatile this idea can be. The bride might want to go with a clean elegant look that blends in with her white dress (as pictured above). Or she might want to take the more colorful approach you can see in the photos below. She might even want to go super casual and fun, as in the last photo. And, of course, you can see how easy it would be to color coordinate brooch bouquets to match the bridesmaids dresses.

A brooch bouquet also affords the idea to include a memento or memory of a loved one. Notice in the photo just below that a portrait brooch is attached to the bouquet’s stem in honor of a special loved one who can’t be present. A brooch that has been passed down through the family or that has been given to the bride as a special gift can also easily be incorporated into the bouquet.

And just think of the possibilities for the bouquet after the wedding. The bride could keep it as a gorgeous memento from the big day, or it could be taken apart so the brooches could be worn or even given as special gifts.

What do you think, MOB—it’s an idea worth showing your daughter, isn’t it? Hope you have a sparkling wedding day!



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Wedding Cake Pops Equal Fun!


If your daughter would like to add a dash of fun to her wedding reception, Mother of the Bride, why not include wedding cake pops in the celebration? The very thought of cake pops puts smiles on faces and declarations of “Yum!” on lips. After all, everyone loves a cake pop, right?

In addition, wedding cake pops can serve several different purposes. You can wrap them in cellophane and tie a bow around them (personalized with the bride’s and groom’s names, of course) and offer them as favors. Or you can display them on trays or towers on a dessert table or they might even serve as the groom’s cake. And if the groom wants to add his own twist to it, instead of the bride and groom designs, he could select something in his area of interest—like golf ball cake pops or baseball cake pops, etc.

So, MOB, try pointing your girl toward some wedding cake pop fun. Believe me, everyone will be glad you did!

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*Flickr photo by niner bakes, Creative Commons License