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Super Exciting News—A Book Contract!

IMG_3239*I’ll be skipping my upcoming Monday post since it will be Labor Day. See you next Thursday!

I have some exciting news, everyone! I recently signed a book contract with BroadStreet Publishing for my mother of the bride book! You may have already heard all about it if you’re a subscriber to my Life Notes newsletter (sign-up is free on the right sidebar) or if you follow me on Facebook, but I wanted to be sure and announce it here as well. After all, this is news worth celebrating everywhere, right?!

I’m so very grateful God has opened this door for me. It’s been a long journey but also an amazing one to see how God worked to connect me to a perfect publisher for my MOB book. All along I’ve envisioned a beautiful gift book that will not only refresh and encourage mothers of the bride like you but will offer them wisdom and practical help, too. Since BroadStreet’s books include beautiful gift books, they are able to make that dream a reality. How I praise and thank God for blessing me with this opportunity!

The title and release date are still tentative, but I will keep you posted. I’m beyond thrilled that my book will soon be available to bless mothers of the bride. Won’t it make the perfect go-to gift in the coming years for mothers of the bride you know? Won’t it be fun to bless them with a gift designed especially for them?

I also want to give a huge thanks to my agent Karen Neumair of Credo Communications for believing in me and this book project. And thanks to all of you for rejoicing with me today. Dreams really can come true!

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

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Bridal Shoes: The Lacy Look

IMG_3050 - CopyMother of the Bride, once your darling daughter has selected her bridal gown, she’ll soon be shopping for accessories—and that includes the all-important bridal shoes. She may already have some very specific preferences in mind, but if she’s open to suggestions, here’s an option today that you might want to share with her.

Would a lacy-look bridal shoe look good with her gown? I spotted the Dolce by Moho Moxy Flora ankle boot above at Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse recently, but other styles of lacy-look bridal shoes are out there as well. My search for lace bridal shoes on Pinterest turned up a page full of options.

MOB, shoe-shopping is always fun, but I hope you have an extra measure of fun as you and your little-girl-turned-bride look for her Big-Day shoes. Enjoy every second!

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Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere Sheet Music Idea


Mother of the Bride, are your sweet Mr. & Mrs.-to-Be music lovers? If so, they may want to plan some of the elements of their wedding with a music motif. Possibilities abound as a matter of fact.

One way to incorporate a music theme into a wedding is to use sheet music to make the bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere (as shown above). Isn’t this a clever idea? Not only is it unique, but it’s actually quite attractive—not to mention the fact that it reflects the couple’s love for music. Definitely a win-win, right?

The bride and groom could add even more significance to their bouquet and boutonniere choice by finding the sheet music to songs especially meaningful to them. They could each choose their favorite song or composer/songwriter, or they might want to use the song they consider to be their song. Again, lots of possibilities.

If you’re wondering about the bridesmaids’ bouquets and groomsmen’s bouts, they could be something different but yet coordinate in some way. Your floral designer might be able to suggest some terrific ideas.

MOB, share this idea with your girl and her guy and see if it strikes their musical fancy. They might like it even if they’re not musicians—they may just enjoy music and think it’s a cool idea!

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*Flickr photo by jessica.hanrahan, Creative Commons License

Wedding Cake Idea: Coconut Cloud


Mother of the Bride, are you and your little-girl-turned-bride-to-be looking at wedding cakes yet? If so, you’ve probably discovered a plethora of choices. Allow me to add one other today.

The coconut cloud cake puts a whole new spin—and texture—to a traditional cake. Not only is it a perfect choice if the bride and groom are coconut lovers, but it will allow their cake to stand out as a little more unique than many others.

I especially like the coconut touch on an ombre cake (as pictured above.) The coconut shows up better when using a variety of colors, plus it allows the happy couple to incorporate one of their wedding colors if they’d like. The coconut cloud effect with the pink used in this cake almost gives a sunrise or sunset look, doesn’t it? Other colors will create other beautiful moods and images, but an all-white cake would look stunning as well.

Hope you and your daughter have fun, MOB, looking at all the cake choices out there. I know you’ll enjoy taste-testing when the time comes!

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Wedding Photo Idea: Black and White Bubble Shot


Mother of the Bride, I’ve got a great Wedding Day photo idea for you today. I hope you and the happy couple are keeping a list of must-have shots to share with your photographer. If so, you might want to add this to your list today.

If your daughter and her groom have decided to use bubbles during their send-off from the church or reception site, make sure you ask the photographer to use a black and white photo finish.

As you can see in the photo above, this shot done in black and white really causes the bubbles to stand out. I love how it almost makes them look like snow falling. I also love how the couple is kissing in the shot above. The perfect touch, right? So ask your sweet couple to do the same. I’m sure they’ll be happy to oblige!

Show this photo to your daughter and her beloved, MOB, and see what they think. If they haven’t decided on what to use during the send-off, they may decide to go with bubbles just to get this shot!

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