Flower Crown Bridal Headpiece

Mother of the Bride, has your daughter has settled on her dress for her big day? If so, now is the time to start considering veils and/or headpieces. What will look best with her dress? Her hair? What fits her personality?

The flower crown is one option that is done less often than others, but it could be just right for your sweet girl. If she tends to be playful, likes whimsy, or has earthy leanings and also wants part of her attire to look a little more casual, a crown of roses, daisies, baby’s breath, or any number of other flower combinations might be the answer to her headpiece decision.

The bride-to-be can choose fresh, dried, or even fabric flowers and shop for her dream flower crown in stores or online. Or she could of course ask the florist, a family member, or a friend to fashion one for her.

More of than not, veils aren’t used with flower crown headpieces, but that’s not always the case. Brides can do whatever they want. However, flower crown headpieces don’t need a veil. So if your daughter prefers not to wear a veil, this particular headpiece option might be perfect for her.

Why not toss out the flower crown headpiece idea, MOB, and see if it strikes your daughter’s bridal-hair fancy. If it does, you’re one step closer to completing her big day look!

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Bride’s Hair Accessory: Baby’s Breath!


Mother of the Bride, if your daughter has already chosen her gown, chances are she’s now considering hair accessories for her big day. Brides today have lots of options to consider. Veil or no veil, a single flower on the side or a flower crown, a tiara or exquisite barrette or bridal comb?

One inexpensive idea that looks classic, elegant, and oh so feminine, is a simple spray or a crown of baby’s breath. Baby’s breath would beautifully complement almost any wedding gown and would look especially striking against dark hair (as pictured above). I’m sure it would look great with any hair color, though, so don’t rule this idea out if your daughter is a blonde beauty, MOB.

So if your sweet girl is in the throes of bridal hair decisions, Mother of the Bride, mention this idea or shoot her the link to this post. She might just say, “Baby’s breath it is!”

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