Holiday Photo Fun for Christmas Break!

While everyone is busy with family and friends the next couple of weeks, it’s a perfect—and necessary—time to take a break from regular blogging. I’ll return to my standard posts and schedule on January 2, but in the meantime, I’ll pop in a couple of times for some holiday photo fun.

The photo above is a blast from Christmas past. Can you guess which one is me? :)

In this photo, my sisters and cousins and I are getting ready to enjoy one of the Christmas treats our grandmother made for us—popcorn ball Christmas trees! It also looks like we are sporting the Christmas gift of the year, too :)

Let’s all go make some great holiday memories. Many blessings to all!

“ . . . love one another deeply, from the heart.” 1 Peter 1:22b

*What’s one special holiday memory from your childhood?

*If you missed my previous post, check out my first-ever (7th grade!) Christmas poem — if you dare! :)


  1. This is cute! I don’t remember this picture.

  2. Great photo! I remember those popcorn trees. I wonder if Grandma made the hats and I am wondering what Janice is looking at. :) One of my favorite Christmas memories as a kid is looking at the toy catalog over and over dreaming about what I wanted for Christmas. It’s amazing how it seemed like Christmas would never arrive come back then but now it comes so quick!

  3. Thanks, Kelli! This is one of the pics I got from Grandma & Grandpa’s slides. I have a couple of files of them. Will have to show them to you sometime.

    Debbie, I can’t remember Grandma ever knitting or anything like that so I bet she bought the hats. I agree — I would sure slow December down now if I could! :)

  4. Cute pic! You’re second from the left, right?
    Christmas blessings, sweet friend!

  5. Vonda, you guessed right! I’m second from the left. Christmas blessings to you, too!

  6. Just found your blog through Pioneer woman! So awesome! Love that verse ;)

  7. Christmas photos are the best. There are times that those far away loved ones are expected to be coming for the special gathering. What a good way to remember the good old times.

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