Midweek Morsel: Prayer for the Hurting


Do we know someone hurting today? Maybe we know someone grieving a heartbreaking loss (loss takes many forms, you know.) Or perhaps we’re thinking of someone dealing with chronic illness or pain or maybe someone wounded by deep disappointment or betrayal. Maybe we are the ones hurting.

We can help the hurting with our prayers. And if we are among the hurting, we can pray for ourselves as well. God hears our prayers and longs to help and heal. Let’s give the hurting—let’s give ourselves—the gift of intercession. Here is a prayer we can pray for those who are hurting today:

Lord, I pray today for a hurting soul you’ve placed on my heart. She needs you, Lord. She needs your strength, your peace, your hope, and your comforting touch. Father, show her your love. Comfort and carry her. Be her balm of Gilead. Be her refuge in the storm. I ask and pray this in Jesus’ precious name.

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

*When have the prayers of others helped you through a painful time?

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  1. Amen

  2. Laura Drumb says

    When Gary had his transplant 3 years ago, we were carried through that whole ordeal by the faithful prayers of SO many of our family and friends! We honestly could never have gotten through, much less healed and thrived both physically and emotionally, without those people who lifted us up time after time after time. We were talking about this just the other day and the flood of memories were so sweet and poignant. And they continue on now, as he faces crises from time to time such as the one he just came through. So very grateful for those who pray for us now. And I love to pray for others who are hurting, because I know how deeply pain can cut and shred and mangle hearts. It is my small attempt to help those onto the path of healing by pointing them to the Father whenever possible. And when not, to point the Father to them at the least! Thanks for this, such a timely reminder when there is so much pain all around us!

    • Laura, thanks for sharing how important the prayers of others have been to you and Gary. What a great testimony of how God uses our prayers to help hold others up during tough times. May God continue to bless you both!

  3. I deeply treasure intercessory prayer. It’s like a Holy Merry Go Round where God is the center and we (believers) orbit around Him pleading for those in need. It’s unity God loves so dearly.

    Thanks for this post. Much needed!

  4. I have seen many instances of healing, among other needs, after the church prays. As for me, I pray for people who don’t know me, from the news and other places. I see answered prayer in my life in which I can point to the people who prayed. But I believe the Lord calls people to pray for me that don’t share a relationship with me. The fun will be when we meet in heaven. Will we recognize one another and know? Exciting thought.

    • Pat, thanks for mentioning how people pray for one another who don’t necessarily share a relationship and how one day we will meet in heaven. An exciting thought indeed! Thanks for sharing!

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