Cake Idea for the Rustic Wedding


Mother of the Bride, is a rustic wedding on your horizon? If so, I might have stumbled upon the perfect cake idea for your down-home country affair.

How about a cake version of the old-fashioned sweetheart tree? The example above is not only amazing in its detail, but it makes you go aww, doesn’t it? The couple’s love is declared right on the cake!

If your daughter feels like it needs a little more pizzazz, some greenery and/or wildflowers would fit in quite well and also add that something more she might be looking for. Can’t you just imagine the possibilities?

Check with your daughter and see if this sweetheart-tree cake idea strikes a love-bird chord with her and her groom. They might just think it’s perfect!

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*Flickr photo by Whipped Bakeshop, Creative Commons License

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