Guest Book Idea: A Guest Tree


Some brides like to skip the traditional guest book and do something with a little more flair. If your daughter falls into that group, Mother of the Bride, today’s post offers one alternative.

Instead of a standard guest book, how about a guest tree? Each guest signs a leaf on the tree, and when the wedding is over, the bride and groom have a keepsake record ready to hang on the wall, a continual reminder of all who joined them for their special day.

Your daughter and her groom can make the guest tree uniquely theirs in a variety of ways. The main design, the style of print, the wording, the colors, the frame, and what the guests sign with will all work together to make their guest tree one of a kind. They might want to incorporate the colors of their wedding, or they might prefer to color coordinate with the room they plan to hang it in. It’s all up to them.

If you think a guest tree might appeal to your special couple, MOB, suggest away. It might be just what they’re looking for—not only as a precious keepsake but as a visible way to symbolize a growing marriage as well!

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  1. Really cute idea! I guess one day I’ll actually have a bride in the family with my Amelia. I hope we can incorporate some of these great ideas.

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