Wedding Arch for Book Lovers

Geoff Spahr -Mother of the Bride, if the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. in your life are book lovers or teachers, here is a fun idea for décor at the ceremony site: a wedding arch made of books! Perfect, huh?!

A book arch is such a clever and creative idea that provides a colorful backdrop for the happy book-loving couple’s ceremony. The photo above shows an arch featured at an outdoor wedding, but a book arch could also work beautifully for an indoor ceremony as well. Books know no bounds, right?

You can even find instructions on how to make one style of book arch on ListLab, and if you do a search for book arches on Pinterest or Google, you’ll see a variety of styles.

Good luck, MOB, on helping your daughter and her beloved start their new lives together surrounded not only by their family and friends but by their love for books as well. Happy book collecting!

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*Photo by Geoff Spahr


  1. Very cool idea!

  2. Hello, do you happen to have the instructions on how to make a book arch? I’ve been searching in those locations and there are no more instructions anywhere anymore.

    • Lynn, thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post about book arches. So sorry the link (from 2015) doesn’t have that info anymore. I’m sorry I don’t have the instructions on making one myself, but I bet if you googled “instructions for making book arch” you would find some. Another resource might be to check with area libraries or wedding vendors like photographers, wedding planners, or even rental businesses. Good luck!

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