Taking The Plunge

This inaugural post on my first-ever blog should probably more accurately be titled “Dipping My Toe in the Water” rather than “Taking The Plunge”. I certainly don’t feel as bold as the word plunge implies. Since I didn’t grow up learning to use computers, it has taken me all afternoon just to figure out how to set up this site. I’m pretty proud of myself now, though, and ready to jump in and do something I’m a little more familiar with (that would be writing).

I started writing a little over 10 years ago, and what a learning process it has been. Learning about the business, learning to handle tons of rejection amidst occasional life-sustaining success, and just learning to trust God through it all. One of the things I feel like God has directed me to do to grow as a writer and become more visible to readers is to start a blog. Thanks for joining me and showing your support as I splash into the world of blogging.

Last week I was reminded of a verse of scripture from the Old Testament. One of the things that Hosea told the Israelites was to “break up your unplowed ground” (Hosea 10:12). The Israelites had wandered from God, and I think Hosea was urging them to break up the hard ground of their hearts and live fruitful lives for God. As I thought about how the phrase “break up your unplowed ground” could apply to my own life, I thought about trying new things or moving in new directions. You know, breaking up the unplowed ground of new territory. For me, it was just the confirmation that I needed to start the blog that I had been thinking about for some time. So not only am I taking the plunge, but I am breaking up unplowed ground at the same time.

Is there some unplowed ground in your life? Is there something new that you’ve been wanting to try? Or some step that God may want you to take? Maybe there’s even a hardness of heart that needs to be broken up. I encourage you to give it some thought and then take a plunge or break up some ground or something.

Again, thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll check in from time to time. My prayer is that you’ll be refreshed each and every time you do. God bless!


  1. Cheryl, I’m ready to be refreshed through your blog. Who would have ever thought years ago that this would be a possibility.

  2. Way to go, Girl! I love it! Splash your ponderings my way anytime.


  3. Love your blog!!! I’m so impressed. I really like your “words to live by” verse. Hope all is well with you! Thanks for sharing this.

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  5. Congratulations! I’m very proud of you. Don’t tell anybody but this is my first time to add a comment to a blog. :)

  6. So awesome :) thank you very much for sharing your positive thoughts and good job setting up the page!! It looks great :) Looking forward to reading more.

  7. It’s amazing to me how God uses those new ventures, even when they may seem little, to bring about great changes later down the line in your life. There are many things God has blessed me to be a part of that began as small, seemingly insignificant or unconnected things at the time.

    Glad to see you’re here! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  8. Wow…Congratulations! You’re looking good! Alice

  9. Wow, thanks for sharing. Keep working at it. I love the stuff I have heard in the past and know God is using you to grow others.

  10. I’ll be reading! Welcome to the blogging world. C’mon in, the water’s fine :).

  11. Greetings fellow blogger…you’re looking good! I love this new technology except when I don’t. Hey, does the comment section have skell checp?

  12. Alex, your comment got funnled by blogger into the spam folder, but I’ll answer you here. If you want to use something from this post (or from anything on my blog), please email me at ckbarker at gmail dot com and give me more specifics — just exactly what you want to use, who you are, where you want to use it, etc. Hope that helps.

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