Night Shoot Engagement Photos

Mother of the Bride, when your darling daughter and the love of her life start talking about engagement photos, they might want to consider a night shoot.

Lights always make for beautiful photos—whether city lights, candlelight, twinkling lights, stars, or sunset. Lights add a special touch of romance. And what better time for a touch of romance than for engagement photos?

If your happy couple would like to have some daytime shots as well, check with your photographer and see if he or she would be willing to split the photo session into two 30-minute sessions, one night shoot and one day shoot. You never know unless you ask, right? He may charge a small extra fee to split the session, but it probably wouldn’t be too much more.

So MOB, why not suggest an engagement shoot at night? If you do, I see fantastic photos—and a very pleased couple—in your future!

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*Flickr photos by Christopher.F PhotographyCreative Commons License

Wedding Photography: Candid Shots of the Guests

Wedding photography is not complete, Mother of the Bride, without some great candid shots of the guests. All brides, grooms, and their families want to remember who joined their wedding day celebration. Asking the photographer to capture photos of the guests as they naturally interact with one another is the perfect way to do it.

The photo above is a super sweet shot of Rob and Kaden, our neice’s husband and son (now a recent high school graduate!), and the one below shows a loving moment between our nephew Aaron and his wife Monica. It’s one of my favorite candid shots from our daughter Kristin’s wedding. As Monica places her hand on the back of Aaron’s neck, he reaches out to touch her as well, wrapping his hand around the back of her leg. I love how the photographer spotted this moment of mutual love expressed and immortalized it for us.

So, MOB, in addition to all the standard photos the photographer will be taking, ask him or her to capture lots of candid shots of your guests as well. Hugs, laughter, surprise, and special moments of all kinds will abound that day. Try to make them a permanent part of your daughter’s wedding day story.

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*Photos by Chris Humphrey Photographer