Wedding Day Photo Idea: Sunset Silhouette

23247205609_2f03491a1e_zWhat time of day is your darling daughter tying the knot, Mother of the Bride? If the nuptials are scheduled for late afternoon or early evening, she and her dashing groom will have a super special photo opportunity they can take advantage of if they alert their photographer to their wishes.

Have the happy couple tell their photographer they’d like him or her to take a sunset silhouette shot of their big day. If the photographer knows ahead of time, he’ll be able to scope out the best location for such a shot at or near their ceremony or reception venue.

Everything will work together to make this an absolutely gorgeous shot—the location, the couple, the setting sun, the romance. Wow, this will definitely be a keeper shot, huh?

So MOB, don’t delay—share this great photo idea with your sweet girl pronto. I predict a couple of more-than-willing participants!

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*Flickr photo by Ryan Smith Photography, Creative Commons License

Cute Wedding Day Photo: Groom’s Reminder


Looking for great wedding day photo ideas, Mother of the Bride? The one I’m sharing today is super cute and features the groom. And yes, even though your mind is focused mainly on the bride, you don’t want to forget to focus on the groom every now and then, right?

Look carefully at the photo above and you’ll see this groom’s cheat sheet, his reminder of the words he needs to speak to seal the deal. What fun, huh? And such a simple shot to set up. Just make sure the best man reminds your soon-to-be son to write the reminder on his hand!

Run this idea past the bride and groom, MOB, and see if it brings some chuckles. If it does, bet you’ll have another shot to add to your list for the photographer!

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*Flickr photo by robotson, Creative Commons License

Wedding Day Photo: A Toast for the Groom and His Guys


Mother of the Bride, as you think of wedding day photo ideas, your thoughts probably center around the bride (after all she is your little girl!), but let me encourage you not to forget the groom. He is the other half of this dream-come-true day and deserves attention devoted to him, too. He may not act like he wants it at the time, but when all is said and done, he’ll be thankful to have memories captured of him, his family, and his friends.

One great photo idea to involve the groom and his groomsmen is to catch them celebrating the big day with a pre-ceremony toast. Not only will they enjoy kicking the party off a little early, but it will make for a cool wedding day shot, too. It’s also neat to capture some of the fun camaraderie between the groom and his guys before the ceremony. Afterwards, it will be all about the new Mr. and Mrs., right?

So MOB, add this idea to your list of photo ideas to suggest to the happy couple and/or their photographer. If they like the idea, why not ask the groom’s mother to be sure to have a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, etc., on hand for her groom-to-be son and his groomsmen. This provides one more opportunity to help make the groom’s mom feel included in the wedding preparations. And that’s definitely a win!

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*Flickr photo by dan.thoburn, Creative Commons License

Wedding Photo Idea: A Veiled Kiss


Mother of the Bride, I hope you and your darling daughter are collecting some great wedding day photo ideas. Your photographer will be sure to have some amazing ideas of his or her own, but it’s always a good idea to take note of shots you love. Why not guard against any disappointment by giving your photographer a list of shots you’d like included.

Bride and groom kissing shots are always winners, but I think the veiled kiss photo idea above is especially sweet. The dreamy quality created by draping the bride and groom with her veil truly whispers romance, doesn’t it? It captures a private moment of the new Mr. and Mrs. all alone in their own little world of love.

MOB, why not share this veiled kiss photo idea with your daughter and see if it captures her heart? If she’s a bride who doesn’t want to wear a veil, the desire for a shot like this just might change her mind!

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*Flickr photo by dan.thoburn, Creative Commons License

Wedding Photo Idea: Hideaway Moment


Mother of the Bride, are you on the lookout for wedding photo ideas you can share with the bride and groom? If not, it’s not too late. Today is a great day to get started because I’ve got a super sweet idea to share with you.

The hideaway shot above captures a stolen intimate moment between the newlyweds. Not only will it become a photo they will treasure their entire lives—and I love it in black and white—it will provide them with a precious private moment on the wedding day itself.

Ask the photographer to be on the lookout for a spot similar to the scene above—a place where the groom can pull the bride off to the side for a moment and whisper sweet nothings in her ear or steal a kiss while guests mingle unaware in the background. The stars of the show will be so happy to sneak in some private time like this that they will quickly forget the photographer’s presence and truly delight in the moment.

So MOB, give your love birds an early gift and suggest the Hideaway Moment shot. They will love the idea—and they’ll love you for suggesting it. Another win-win for the Mother of the Bride!

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*Flickr photo by Tela Chhe, Creative Commons License