Praying for Members of a Wedding Party

Mother of the Bride, it’s so easy to be consumed with all the details of planning a wedding you might overlook one of the most important ways you can provide support—prayer. Chances are you have felt the need for prayer yourself so it’s safe to assume most everyone else involved has felt the need as well.

My article “Praying for Members of a Wedding Party” will give you specific ways you can pray for each member of your daughter’s wedding party. The article is now appearing on the War Cry website (national magazine for The Salvation Army) so just follow the link below to find it.

I pray that it will be a great blessing to you and many others. Why not share it with the rest of those playing a role in your daughter’s big day? And don’t be shy about sharing it with others who would love to provide you and yours with the gift of prayer.

Now enjoy and be blessed, MOB: Praying for Members of a Wedding Party

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Wedding Day: Arrange for Corsage and Boutonniere Pinner

Mother of the Bride, do you have someone lined up to pin the corsages and boutonnieres for everyone on wedding day? If this is one thing that hadn’t occurred to you yet, go ahead and add it to your list of things to do. And while you’re at it, you might want to arrange for a back-up.

Your florist may offer to pin the flowers for you, but if so, be sure to have a Plan B in place. When our daughter Kristin and our son-in-law-to-be Shawn got married, the florist told us he’d take care of it for us, but when we arrived at the church, he’d already been there, dropped all the flowers off, and left. Thank goodness, one of Shawn’s groomsmen had experience with event planning. Hamilton stepped up and saved the day.

If you have a wedding coordinator, he or she will, of course, take care of this task. When our daughter Kelli and her groom Jake got married, their church had a wedding coordinator that worked with each couple getting married in their church. She did the pinning as a part of her services. It was so nice to have someone else do this for us.

Make sure you have this wedding day need filled, MOB. This is one job you don’t want to have to do when your nerves may already be jangled!

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Blogging Break Features My Favorite Wedding Pinners


Hey Mothers of the Bride, I’m taking an extended Spring Break blogging break but will be back two weeks from today on March 28th. Sometimes I’m so busy over spring break that it’s much like that age old dilemma of needing a vacation to recover from vacation. So doggone it, I’m going to do it. I’m going to extend my blogging break to two weeks. Makes sense to me—and I’m sure it makes sense to you, too. MOBs know all about busy times!

In the meantime, I am going to leave you with some great help—links to my favorite Pinterest pinners of all things wedding (see links below.) I follow some of the wedding related boards of these folks myself on Pinterest, and I guarantee if you give them a look, you’ll find some amazing ideas. Why not give them a look?

And of course, if you haven’t checked out my wedding-related Pinterest boards, be sure to do that, too. I currently have eighteen boards pertaining to weddings as well as several personal interest boards. You might even find a few of those that interest you!

So MOB, Happy Spring Break to me and Happy Pinning to you! See you back here on March 28th!

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Wedding Day Photo: A Toast for the Groom and His Guys


Mother of the Bride, as you think of wedding day photo ideas, your thoughts probably center around the bride (after all she is your little girl!), but let me encourage you not to forget the groom. He is the other half of this dream-come-true day and deserves attention devoted to him, too. He may not act like he wants it at the time, but when all is said and done, he’ll be thankful to have memories captured of him, his family, and his friends.

One great photo idea to involve the groom and his groomsmen is to catch them celebrating the big day with a pre-ceremony toast. Not only will they enjoy kicking the party off a little early, but it will make for a cool wedding day shot, too. It’s also neat to capture some of the fun camaraderie between the groom and his guys before the ceremony. Afterwards, it will be all about the new Mr. and Mrs., right?

So MOB, add this idea to your list of photo ideas to suggest to the happy couple and/or their photographer. If they like the idea, why not ask the groom’s mother to be sure to have a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, etc., on hand for her groom-to-be son and his groomsmen. This provides one more opportunity to help make the groom’s mom feel included in the wedding preparations. And that’s definitely a win!

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*Flickr photo by dan.thoburn, Creative Commons License