Praying for Members of a Wedding Party

Mother of the Bride, it’s so easy to be consumed with all the details of planning a wedding you might overlook one of the most important ways you can provide support—prayer. Chances are you have felt the need for prayer yourself so it’s safe to assume most everyone else involved has felt the need as well.

My article “Praying for Members of a Wedding Party” will give you specific ways you can pray for each member of your daughter’s wedding party. The article is now appearing on the War Cry website (national magazine for The Salvation Army) so just follow the link below to find it.

I pray that it will be a great blessing to you and many others. Why not share it with the rest of those playing a role in your daughter’s big day? And don’t be shy about sharing it with others who would love to provide you and yours with the gift of prayer.

Now enjoy and be blessed, MOB: Praying for Members of a Wedding Party

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*Flickr photo by Corey Ann, Creative Commons License