“Show Off the Ring” Engagement Photo Idea

Mother of the Bride, one of the fun parts of being an MOB is always being on the lookout for great engagement and wedding photo ideas. Funny, isn’t it, how after becoming an MOB, your eyes and ears perk up to a whole new world of sights and sounds you barely noticed before. And you know what? I have fun presenting you with a small part of that whole new world!

Today I’m super excited to share this “Show Off the Ring” engagement photo idea because I absolutely love it. I love how the couple is holding hands and how the ring is the central focus of the photo. I love how the dark clothes the bride and groom-to-be are wearing provide a dramatic color contrast for the light color of the ring. It’s perfect for making the ring stand out and truly sparkle. The bokeh effect in the background also adds to the ring being the star of the show, doesn’t it? And to top it all off, this is a super simple shot to make happen.

If you love this simple yet dramatic way to show of the ring as much as I do, MOB, why not send this blog post link to your daughter and let her take a look. I’m predicting she’ll love it as well and suggest it to their photographer when the time comes. What fun it will be to see the shot come alive with your sweet girl and the love of her life! Enjoy, MOB!

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*Flickr photo by shaunanyi, Creative Commons License

Sweet Engagement Photo with Your Favorite Pooch

11875968776_9ddc4d8a5d_z*Giveaway winner announced below!

Mother of the Bride, does your daughter or her beloved have a dog they love to pieces? If so, they might want to think of ways to include their favorite pooch in part of the upcoming festivities.

One way they can include—and remember for posterity—their own “man’s best friend” is to ask their photographer to include the dog in one or two of the engagement shots.

I love the way the shot above is done with the freshly groomed furry friend in the foreground of the shot and the couple kissing in the background. Especially love the bokeh effect. A shot set up and taken like this ends up being both cute and romantic at the same time, doesn’t it?

So MOB, if your sweet couple are dog lovers, be sure to share this idea with them. Even if the doggy doesn’t cooperate, they’ll still end up with some sure-to-be funny shots—plus new memories made in the process!

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*Flickr photo by Ryan Smith Photography, Creative Commons License

Engagement Photo Idea: Barefootin’!


Mother of the Bride, are you gathering engagement photo ideas for your bride and groom-to-be? If not, why not start today? I bet they’ll welcome a few suggestions as they make a list of shots they might want their photographer to capture.

It’s always fun to throw in a couple of fun and unexpected shots into the more traditional mix of photos so the suggestion pictured above might be just what your happy couple is looking for. It’s fairly standard to see a shot of the couple’s hands in order to showcase the engagement ring, but why not have a cute shot of their feet as well? I love how the little lady above is standing on tiptoe.

So go ahead and ask them, MOB, if they’d like to do some barefootin’ during their photo session. Share this post with them or pin the image on one of your Pinterest boards. And while you’re at it, pop over and take a look at my board of engagement photo ideas if you’d like!

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*Flickr photo by jordandouglas, Creative Commons License

Use Engagement Photo for Bridal Shower Invitation

3603572456_1c7fcaf33f_oMother of the Bride, are you helping plan a bridal shower for your daughter? Or do you know the girls planning the shower well enough to make a suggestion? If so, here’s an idea you might want to pass along—or incorporate into your own plans if you’re one of the hostesses.

Why not use one of the engagement photos on the invitation? The photo on the invitation above is fairly small, but I’ve seen a bridal shower invite done that uses the entire top half of the invite to feature the engagement photo. The details of the shower were then listed beneath it.  

I love this idea—how about you? Not only does it make the invitation gorgeous and meaningful, but it utilizes the expense for the engagement photos in one more way. Gotta love that, right, MOB?

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Engagement Photo Idea: Walking Hand in Hand

Walking hand in hand

Mother of the Bride, why not help make the engagement photo session of your darling daughter and the love of her life the very best it can be by helping them compile a list of possible shots the photographer can take.

When you see engagement photos you love, just be sure to jot down the ideas (or pin them on Pinterest) before the idea flits away never to return again. You’ve got lots on your mind so ideas can indeed be forgotten. You might like to take a look at my Engagement Photo Ideas board on Pinterest to find some great ideas.

I love the photo above which was taken during my daughter’s and son-in-law’s engagement photo shoot. Walking hand in hand, enjoying private conversation—such a simple shot but oh so precious and meaningful. I love how a shot like this can capture the couple looking so relaxed and natural.

Why not show this shot to your sweet couple, MOB, and see if they’d like to incorporate a similar shot into their photo shoot? If you’re like us, you will all love the outcome—and it’s a great one to frame and enjoy for years to come. I guarantee it!

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey Photographer