Sweet Engagement Photo with Your Favorite Pooch

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Mother of the Bride, does your daughter or her beloved have a dog they love to pieces? If so, they might want to think of ways to include their favorite pooch in part of the upcoming festivities.

One way they can include—and remember for posterity—their own “man’s best friend” is to ask their photographer to include the dog in one or two of the engagement shots.

I love the way the shot above is done with the freshly groomed furry friend in the foreground of the shot and the couple kissing in the background. Especially love the bokeh effect. A shot set up and taken like this ends up being both cute and romantic at the same time, doesn’t it?

So MOB, if your sweet couple are dog lovers, be sure to share this idea with them. Even if the doggy doesn’t cooperate, they’ll still end up with some sure-to-be funny shots—plus new memories made in the process!

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*Flickr photo by Ryan Smith Photography, Creative Commons License

Cute Engagement Photo Idea: Include the Dog!


Mother of the Bride, does your daughter have a running list of possible engagement photo ideas to share with their wedding photographer?

If so—and if your little gal and her guy have a much loved dog (or other pet)—here’s an idea you’ll want to share with her pronto. Have the photographer include their pooch in a shot!

Including the couple’s dog is such a fun idea, and I especially like the super cute way it’s done in the photo above—doggie in the center with the Mr. & Mrs.-to-be planting kisses on him or her at the same time. Of course, the photographer will probably take a series of shots with the dog, so I’m sure they’ll be sure to get several great photos.

So MOB, share this photo with your sweet couple and keep your eyes peeled for other unique ideas. They’ll appreciate every great idea you can send their way!

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*Flickr photo by Corey Ann, Creative Commons License