Engagement Photo Idea: Barefootin’!


Mother of the Bride, are you gathering engagement photo ideas for your bride and groom-to-be? If not, why not start today? I bet they’ll welcome a few suggestions as they make a list of shots they might want their photographer to capture.

It’s always fun to throw in a couple of fun and unexpected shots into the more traditional mix of photos so the suggestion pictured above might be just what your happy couple is looking for. It’s fairly standard to see a shot of the couple’s hands in order to showcase the engagement ring, but why not have a cute shot of their feet as well? I love how the little lady above is standing on tiptoe.

So go ahead and ask them, MOB, if they’d like to do some barefootin’ during their photo session. Share this post with them or pin the image on one of your Pinterest boards. And while you’re at it, pop over and take a look at my board of engagement photo ideas if you’d like!

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*Flickr photo by jordandouglas, Creative Commons License