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A Surprise Audience

17200735_e649e76ce6*It’s been a busy month for me so I’m sharing an encore post today. Hope this September 2009 post blesses you!

Last week as I was indulging in another early morning drink of nature, I did a quick survey of my surroundings (as I always do) and saw that no one else was in sight. Good. I was free to give actual voice to my worship and sing my praise –albeit quietly — to my Creator and King.

Looking heavenward, favorite praise choruses flowed from my lips. After all, it was just the two of us. Just me and the Lord. Or so I thought.

In mid-melody, I glanced down and found, quite unexpectedly, I had an audience. A neighborhood cat had slinked in from behind the bushes and was sitting there on her haunches watching and listening to me as if she had purchased a ticket to a show. I couldn’t help but smile.

So as not to disappoint, I continued quietly singing and found myself watching the cat and wishing I had my camera. I’m not sure how long she would have sat there if I hadn’t broken the concert spell, but I couldn’t help it — I had to try to get a picture. I inched my way into the house, but of course by the time I returned, the moment was gone, and the cat had moved on to a more exciting adventure. Digging under the bush. My surprise audience had slipped away.

My early morning encounter with this neighborhood kitty reminded me that just when we least expect it in our lives, we may discover that someone is watching. We may have a surprise audience.

We, in fact, have people watching us all the time, don’t we? What will these unsuspecting ticket-holders see before they slip away? Let’s hope they see something of our Savior. Let’s hope they see something of Jesus.

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.” 2 Corinthians 2:14

*When might others have opportunity to see Jesus in you when you’re unaware of it?

Flickr photo by fazen, Creative Commons License

Engagement Photo Idea: The Eskimo Kiss!


Mother of the Bride, are you collecting engagement photo ideas for the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. in your life? If not, start your list today. There are some awesome ideas out there right now. I have a few here on my site (will list a few below) and I also have an Engagement Photos Pinterest board you might want to check out.

Today I have a super cute idea for you—an Eskimo kiss shot! Such a nose-to-nose shot could either look very romantic with the eyes closed (as pictured above) or playful and fun with eyes open and the couple laughing or scrunching noses. The photographer could take both kinds of shots. They’ll probably both be keepers, huh?

So save this idea, MOB. Your daughter and her intended will have a ball playing Eskimos—and you’ll all end up with another great engagement photo!

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*Flickr photo by Tela Chhe, Creative Commons License

Midweek Morsel: Rest During Demanding Times

3475199344_22c0327a80_z“‘. . . even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest.’” Exodus 34:21b

God knows what we need, doesn’t he? As Creator, no one knows us and our needs better than he does. The Bible, his Word to us, is full of his instructions, exhortations, commands, and wisdom that are for our benefit. We are our wisest selves when we listen and heed his words.

One of the things God knows we need is rest. He not only gave the commandment about resting from our work on the Sabbath when he gave the Ten Commandments to Moses, but he went on to emphasize in the passage above that even during the plowing season and harvest the people were to rest. Yes, even during their busiest times, God said, “you must rest.”

If people in Old Testament times needed rest during their busiest seasons, don’t you think we need rest today during our most demanding times as well? I can’t help but think that God knows us so well he knew we’d need explicit instructions for busy seasons. He knows we’re tempted to push too hard when we’ve got more work than hours in the week.

But if we’re wise—if we’re honoring and obeying God—we will rest. And it will indeed benefit us.

“‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’” Mark 6:31b

*What are some of the benefits of rest?

*Flickr photo by Meagan, Creative Commons License

A Radiant Face: Shining for the Lord

4343362783_86598e06fd_z“. . . his face was radiant because he had spoken with the LORD.” Exodus 34:29b

Moses—the Moses of biblical fame—is known for many amazing things, one of which is the appearance of his face after his second Ten Commandments encounter with the Lord. (You may remember that Moses, after discovering the great sin of the Israelite people in making a golden calf idol, broke the first stone tablets on which God had inscribed the Ten Commandments. Later on, Moses spent another forty days and forty nights with the Lord on Mt. Sinai, at which time God wrote the Ten Commandments on stone tablets once again.)

When Moses came down from the mountain this second time after meeting with the Lord, his face looked radiant. The scripture above tells us why. His face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord. He had had a divine encounter and it showed.

What about our faces today? Who or what do they reflect to the people and the world around us? Are our faces radiant because we spend time with the Lord? Do they reflect the fact that we’ve had a divine encounter?

You or I may not display the same extraordinarily radiant face that Moses displayed, but our faces can shine with the joy and love of the Lord. Others should indeed be able to see that we’ve spent time with him. He should make a difference in us that the world can see.

So let’s do it. Let’s spend time with the Lord and then let that joy be seen on our faces. Let’s shine for him!

“. . . they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13b

*Of course, we’ll also have times when our faces show anger, grief, frustration, and other emotions, but what can we do to make sure our faces most consistently shine with the love and joy of the Lord?

*Flickr photo by prayerfriends, Creative Commons License

A Creamy Addition to a Wedding Dessert Bar


Mother of the Bride, have your daughter and her groom-to-be decided to have a dessert bar at their wedding reception? If so, I imagine the ideas are flying concerning exactly what to include. May I throw another idea into the mix?

A creamy pudding or mousse could provide a light and delicious dessert option for your wedding guests. Chocolate is pictured above and would be sure to be a hit, but lots of other flavors would be great possibilities, too. Your daughter might even be able to match the flavor to one of the colors of her wedding—for instance, strawberry, lemon, or pistachio.

Serving the creamy dessert in a martini or champagne glass (as pictured above) looks elegant and fun at the same time. Add a ribbon in one of the colors of the wedding and you’re good to go. Not only will this pudding/mousse martini-idea make a beautiful display at the reception, but your guests will enjoy savoring a comfort food all dolled up for the wedding festivities.

Why not share this yummy and fun dessert idea with your daughter, MOB? Your guests will be glad you did!

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*Flickr photo by Furumaru, Creative Commons License