Simple Wedding Attire Expense Tip

Mother of the Bride, on your MOB journey, you’ll constantly be making decisions about how much to spend on different aspects of your daughter’s big day—wedding attire included.

Questions like is it okay to spend a little more than I wanted to for this pair of shoes and should we go with the less expensive veil will pop up on a regular basis—and sometimes even play havoc with a good night’s rest. That’s understandable. Like any good mother of the bride, you’re always looking for ways to trim wedding expenses.

Here’s one simple guideline to use as you decide when it’s okay to spend a little more for one wedding attire: If it’s an item you or the bride (or someone else in the wedding party) will keep wearing for a long time, go ahead and buy the more expensive option if you’d like. A better quality product will more than pay for itself if you’re able to get several years’ use out of it.

Shoes? If you’ll wear them for a long time, by all means get the better ones. The veil? Unless you have other daughters that might use it, that’s pretty much a one-day use. You can find gorgeous options at reasonable prices.

Apply the how long will we wear it guideline with each attire purchase decision, MOB, and your decision-making agony will be cut in half. I can’t promise a good night’s rest, though—too many other things can interfere with that!

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Fun Gift Idea From Bride to Groom: Snazzy Socks!

Mother of the Bride, here’s a winning idea to pass along to your soon-to-be-married daughter: Gift the groom with a snazzy pair of socks to wear on wedding day. What fun, right?!

I’m sure wearing a tux for hours on end doesn’t sound that desirable to your daughter’s intended. If she can give him some fun socks to jazz up his wedding attire, he will feel touched by her thoughtfulness and also excited at the prospect of flaunting them at some point during the festivities.

If your daughter likes this idea, she could go several different ways in finding just the right pair of socks for her love. She might try to find a pair that matches or coordinates with the colors of the wedding, or she could try to find something to match the groom’s personality or interests. Or she could go with a total surprise—something no one would ever guess.

Yes, MOB, a fun pair of socks can definitely put a smile on the groom’s face—especially if they’re a gift from his dream girl. Let the sweetness of fun gift-giving begin!

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Quick Tip to Dress Up Flower Girl’s Socks


Mother of the Bride, has your little girl turned bride given any thought yet to her flower girl’s attire? Flower girl dresses are always so sweet, but adding the right accessories can take her attire up to a whole new level of adorable.

For example, why not dress up the flower girl’s socks with darling bows in the color of her dress? The bows can be made from any kind of ribbon from your favorite craft or fabric store, but notice how in the photo above the bow is made with sheer ribbon to match the fabric style of the dress. They are then further dressed up with tiny rhinestones. That attention to detail makes for perfection, doesn’t it?

If you’re not talented at making bows (I’m not), ask around. I bet one of your friends or the bride’s friends is a whiz at it and will be happy to help. In fact, she might even offer—or be persuaded—to make other bows you may need as décor. You never know unless you ask, right?!

So check with the bride, MOB, and see what she thinks about adding this extra touch of preciousness to her flower girl’s attire. I bet she—and the flower girl—will love it!


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*Flickr photos by Corey Ann, Creative Commons License

Coordinate Colorful Bride’s Shoes with Groom’s Socks!


Mother of the Bride, I’ve talked about colorful shoes for the bride and fun socks for the groom here on the blog before so why not coordinate them for extra fun?

Not only will that extra attention to detail add to the bride’s and groom’s delight in the day, it will make for a great memory and a super fun photo as well. Isn’t the shot above adorable? A bride and groom who will coordinate their shoes and socks are quite a pair (pun intended!) already, aren’t they?

So show this photo to your happy couple, MOB, and see if they are up for this kind of shoe and sock zaniness. If it fits their personalities at all, they’ll be glad to let a bit of their fun-loving spirits loose through their feet on Wedding Day. Let the fun begin!

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Most Important Part of the MOB’s Wedding Day Attire

MOB&FOB waiting our turn

Mother of the Bride, have you started shopping for your dress for the big day yet? You’ve probably discovered that this particular task doesn’t move to the front burner of your mind until decisions are made about colors, style of bridesmaids dresses, style of the wedding itself, and many other more pressing issues as well. As in so many other facets of life, we moms usually see to our own needs only after everyone else is taken care of.

When the time does come to find the attire that will make you shine, be sure to remember an important piece of fashion advice from Ann Taylor, a 17th century British poet and children’s author. Believe it or not, her advice still rings true today. Here it is—simple and within the means of all:

“The most important thing to wear is a smile.”

Isn’t that good to know? Doesn’t that relieve some of the pressure to find the perfect dress? Mother of the Bride, just go out there on Wedding Day and flash your beautiful, joy-filled smile. You’ll make others feel at ease and happy, too!

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