The Birdcage Bridal Veil

Mother of the Bride, if your daughter still needs to select a veil, be sure she considers the birdcage veil among her choices. The bridal veil is one of the bride’s most important accessories in completing her look on the big day, and it’s always a good idea to consider all the possibilities.

Birdcage veils looks very classic and elegant, and believe it or not, they include lots of variety. They can complement many different styles of gowns and hairstyles as well. Have your bride-to-be take a look at these current styles featured in Brides online and Birdcage Veils on Pinterest to get an idea of the choices that are out there.

Initially, MOB, your daughter may not see herself in a birdcage-style veil, but as with the gowns themselves, she’ll never know how beautiful they can be until she tries some with her dress. Even if she doesn’t think she wants one, encourage her to try at least one. She might be surprised. She might just fall in love with the style!

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Simple Wedding Attire Expense Tip

Mother of the Bride, on your MOB journey, you’ll constantly be making decisions about how much to spend on different aspects of your daughter’s big day—wedding attire included.

Questions like is it okay to spend a little more than I wanted to for this pair of shoes and should we go with the less expensive veil will pop up on a regular basis—and sometimes even play havoc with a good night’s rest. That’s understandable. Like any good mother of the bride, you’re always looking for ways to trim wedding expenses.

Here’s one simple guideline to use as you decide when it’s okay to spend a little more for one wedding attire: If it’s an item you or the bride (or someone else in the wedding party) will keep wearing for a long time, go ahead and buy the more expensive option if you’d like. A better quality product will more than pay for itself if you’re able to get several years’ use out of it.

Shoes? If you’ll wear them for a long time, by all means get the better ones. The veil? Unless you have other daughters that might use it, that’s pretty much a one-day use. You can find gorgeous options at reasonable prices.

Apply the how long will we wear it guideline with each attire purchase decision, MOB, and your decision-making agony will be cut in half. I can’t promise a good night’s rest, though—too many other things can interfere with that!

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Bridal Gown Trend in 2017: Illusion Lace Sleeves

Mother of the Bride, for several years strapless bridal gowns dominated the bridal attire landscape, but a different trend seems to have taken hold now—illusion lace sleeves. According to Belle the Magazine—The Wedding Blog for the Sophisticated Bride—illusion lace sleeves are here to stay.

The photo above is actually one I used a couple of years ago of a gown from Chatfield’s, a bridal shop that specializes in modest gowns, but it wonderfully illustrates the illusion lace sleeve trend that is popular currently. I love the delicate and feminine look this particular trend affords—so romantic and even vintage looking.

To see some other absolutely gorgeous gowns featuring the illusion lace sleeve trend, hop on over to Belle the Magazine’s blog post.  The dresses pictured there are all so elegant and stunning. I definitely love this trend!

If your daughter doesn’t have her gown yet, be sure and share this post with her, MOB. She might just find her dream dress—or at least a feature she wants to keep in mind as the two of you begin shopping for her dress. Enjoy this special part of the journey!

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*Photo compliments of Chatfield’s

Most Important Part of the Bride’s Attire


Mother of the Bride, your daughter’s attire on her big dream-come-true day will most likely be of prime importance to you both and will take center shopping stage until every piece of it is selected and properly rejoiced over. Just the right gown tops the list, with a perfectly complementing veil and/or headpiece not far behind. Finding gorgeous shoes and deciding on jewelry are also important decisions. Even undergarments get special attention.

But the most important part of her attire on Wedding Day—the thing that will really shine—is love. The love she has for her groom shining in her eyes and on her face will be the thing that makes her truly beautiful. Oh, her attire will certainly add to her beauty, but it will be her loving expressions that the groom and everyone else will remember from that special day. This truth reminds me of a truth expressed in 1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible—if we have not love, we are nothing. (my paraphrase)

So MOB, remind your sweet girl to, yes, select her attire carefully and with great joy, but to remember to relax and simply love. Then she will truly shine on her big day. And everyone will rejoice with her—and with you all!

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Accent Bridal or Bridesmaid Sash with a Brooch

3544373981_1e396ca374_zMother of the Bride, here is a gorgeous way to accent a sash worn on Wedding Day—a dazzling brooch! The sash itself, of course, is a beautiful accent, but by adding a brooch, the wow factor is taken up to a whole new level.

A sparkling brooch accent will work well for anyone in the bridal party whose attire includes a sash. Whether it’s the bride, the bridesmaids, or even you, MOB, a beautiful brooch will add a special touch that can perfectly complete the wearer’s ensemble for the day.

A brooch will also provide a keepsake memento from this most special of occasions. It can easily be used with other outfits over the years and be a sweet reminder of a wonderful celebration with people you love. Definitely a win-win when it comes to accessories!

If your daughter has chosen gowns—hers or her maids—with sashes, be sure to show her this idea, MOB. And you might even want to shop for a dress with a sash now for yourself, right?!

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