Elegant Wedding Cake Idea: White on White

Mother of the Bride, is your daughter hoping to include touches of elegance in her wedding day celebration? If so, one of the perfect places to display elegance is in the wedding cake design. Remember, the wedding cake is quite often the centerpiece star of the show at the reception so why not let the bride’s wedding style shine here!

The “white on white” cake pictured above is a great example of one design your elegance-loving daughter might like to consider. “White on white” itself speaks of classic elegance not to mention the gorgeous white flowers with pearl centers and the inclusion of the traditional wedding tulle. What wedding, in fact, would be complete without some tulle somewhere? 

Be sure to share this idea with your sweet daughter, MOB—and have fun considering all the options out there. And just think, after she’s decided on a design, it’s time to go for taste tests. That’s where the real fun comes in! Enjoy!

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*Flickr photo (top) and Flickr photo (bottom) by Corey Ann; Creative Commons License

Bridal Bouquet: Classic and Elegant Calla Lilies


Mother of the Bride, has your darling daughter given any thought to her bridal bouquet yet? With so many beautiful options out there, she may be having trouble deciding on which type of bouquet will be perfect for her dream-come-true day. You can’t make the choice for her, but you can certainly help by suggesting a few for her to consider.

Roses, of course, are beautifully classic, but another ever-classic and elegant option is a bouquet done completely in white Calla Lilies. These gorgeous sleek flowers will beautifully complement any bridal gown, especially with the little pop of color the center of each flower will add. According to About.com, white Calla Lilies are widely available year-round, too, making this an easy option for all.

What do you think, MOB? Will this gorgeous option strike a dream-come-true chord with your daughter? If so, that’s one more decision taken care of. Have fun checking it off your list!

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*Flickr photo by Dario Pichini Photographer, Creative Commons License