Wedding Shoes for the Party: Sneakers!

Mother of the Bride, heels look gorgeous for the wedding ceremony, but when it’s time to party, why not break out the sneakers! Just look at the bridal party above. Cute and comfy, too. Those girls look ready for some serious dancing, don’t they?

To make it extra fun—and snazzy-looking as well—the sneakers could all be in a matching style and color. The example above shows the bride sporting one of the wedding colors and all the bridesmaids in a coordinating color, and that looks super cute for photos and also continues to set the bride apart from everyone else.

MOB, why not give your daughter this suggestion for her maids? After all, when it’s time for everyone to let their hair down and party, they might as well let their feet get down in comfy territory, too!

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*I hope you found this slightly revised post from May 2014 helpful to you today, MOB!

*Flickr photo by soundman1024, Creative Commons License