Take Time to Get Energized

You know the feeling. The lift in your spirit, the yes in your heart, the light in your eyes. You’re doing something you love to do. And you get a little rush of joy. You’re energized.

Sometimes this burst of happiness happens in the midst of our regular work—and how fortunate we are if our work does this for us. Not everyone is so lucky.

For writers like me, many times we have to just plod along, laying down one sentence after another while stopping frequently to agonize over the right word choice. We’re not sure the piece is working and then bam—the right word, the right phrase, the right rhythm flashes through our minds and everything comes together. We feel exhilarated. Our hearts say yes!

More often, though, I would guess that such rushes of joy come as we engage in interests or passions that are not work-related. For me, I’ve found that taking photos—especially capturing something unusual or beautiful in nature—also makes my heart say yes and sparks a happy burst of fresh energy.

When this kind of satisfying joy and excitement pays us a visit, let’s soak it up and enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s pay attention to it and pinpoint the things that make our spirits take wing.

Once we’ve identified the things that energize us, wouldn’t it make sense to engage in those activities regularly? Those infusions of happiness will benefit not only our sense of well-being but our relationships and work as well.

After all, the lift in our spirits, the yes in our hearts, the light in our eyes are all worth the time we take to get that little rush of joy. So let’s do it. Let’s get energized!

“My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.” Psalm 28:7 NIV

*What energizes you?

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Sharing the Excitement of Those We Love

2745010680_a8a1d2d989_zOur twin grandsons just turned 15 months old, and life couldn’t be more exciting for them. They’re at a stage where they are experiencing and learning so much and are super excited about absolutely everything.

For example, Isaiah and James love to stand and look out their bedroom or living room window. If a bird hops by or a doggie runs past, you’d think the most exciting thing in the world happened. And if the mail truck pulls up, forget about it. It’s too wonderful for words. Life is one amazing adventure after another for them right now.

And of course, that means life is also super exciting for those of us who love them. We ooh and ahh and squeal right along with them. Their excitement and joy brings the same to us in equal measure—not only because we love them and it thrills us to see them happy, but also because seeing things through their excited little eyes is like seeing them with fresh eyes ourselves. Life is indeed an amazing adventure!

Must not God experience that same joy where we his children are concerned? I can’t help but think he gets a special thrill over the excitement we feel when we see the mountains, the ocean, or any of his other amazing creations for the first time. And even if they’re not completely new to us, if we take great joy in them, don’t you think he rejoices as we rejoice?

And how must God feel over our spiritual firsts and joys? When we were children, his heart must have swelled with joy over our first prayers and early renditions of “Jesus Loves Me.” And the day we gave our hearts to Jesus? I bet his joy was off the charts. Even today as adults, God’s heart must overflow with excitement and joy when spiritual light bulbs go off for us as we read his Word or as the joy of serving him in a new way puts smiles on our faces and songs in our hearts.

So let’s take joy in knowing that our excitement and joy brings our heavenly Father great joy. And let’s keep sharing in the excitement and joy of our loved ones. Let’s live life fully. Let’s remember that life is truly an amazing adventure.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice . . .” Romans 12:15a

*When have you recently shared in a loved one’s excitement? When was the last time you think God must have shared in your joy?

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*Flickr photo by bloody marty mix, Creative Commons License