Turn Wedding Day Rain Into a Positive

Mother of the Bride, since spring weddings will soon be upon us, the chance of rain on wedding day becomes a real possibility. If the unthinkable happens on your sweet girl’s big day, MOB, what can you do to somehow turn it into a good memory?

One way to turn wedding day rain into a positive is to capitalize on some fun photo opportunities. As with snow during winter weddings, ask your photographer to get creative and snap some great photos featuring the rain in some way. If rain is in the forecast, you might want to contact him or her earlier in the week and share any ideas you may have. But I’m sure an experienced photographer will already have several ideas up his photo-snapping sleeve.

One idea – why not buy umbrellas in one of the colors of the wedding (like in the photos above and below) and then feature the bridal couple cozied up under one while the attendants pair up under others. Keep the tags on the umbrellas until the day of the wedding just in case the rain doesn’t materialize. If it doesn’t rain, simply return the umbrellas and get your money back. If it does rain, you’ll be prepared. And a good MOB is always prepared, right?

Next time you talk to your daughter, MOB, go ahead and brainstorm other ideas for some great rainy wedding day photos. Maybe one of the bridal couple laughing as they seek shelter under an awning or in a doorway? Or the bridal bouquet covered in raindrops?

Whatever you come up with, share your ideas with your photographer—and turn the rain into some fun wedding day memories!6244880589_cea42a37ff_z*You might also like to read Wedding Day Tip: A List for the Photographer.

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*Flickr photos by Corey AnnCreative Commons License