Add Sparkle to the Bridal Garter

Mother of the Bride, would you like to add some sparkle to your darling daughter’s bridal garter? The traditional ribbons and lace are always feminine and pretty, but why not add another special touch? Why not add some jewels!

As you shop for or create a bridal garter for your sweet bride-to-be, be on the lookout for a small brooch or earring that will make the garter really shine. If you’re making the garter yourself or having it custom-made, you can get as creative as you’d like in your design. I love the look of the dangly earring used in the photo above. Fun and elegant at the same time, right?

So go ahead, MOB—sparkle up the garter. I bet your daughter will be glad you did!

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Wedding Bouquet That Sparkles: A Brooch Bouquet!

Mother of the Bride, here’s a brilliant (in more ways than one!) idea for the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets—use brooches! If your daughter wants a look that sparkles or somehow stands out from the ordinary, beautiful brooch bouquets may be just what she’s looking for.

I’ve pictured several styles in this post so you can see how versatile brooch bouqets can be. The bride might want to go with a clean elegant look that blends in with her white dress (as pictured above). Or she might want to take the more colorful approach you can see in the photos below. She might even want to go super casual and fun, as in the last photo. And you can see how easy it would be to color coordinate brooch bouquets to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

A brooch bouquet also affords the opportunity to include a memento or memory of a loved one. Some attach a portrait brooch to the bouquet’s stem in honor of a special loved one who can’t be present. A brooch that has been passed down through the family or that has been given to the bride as a special gift can also easily be incorporated into the bouquet.

And just think of the possibilities for the bouquet after the wedding. The bride could keep it as a gorgeous memento from the big day, or it could be taken apart so the brooches could be worn or even given as special gifts.

MOB, this is an idea worth showing your daughter, isn’t it? Hope you have a sparkling wedding day!

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Bridal Shoes That Sparkle


Mother of the Bride, when it’s time for you and your daughter to shop for her bridal shoes, she may let you know that she wants something other than a traditional white heel. Many brides like to add a touch of color or sparkle or some other unique twist to their wedding day apparel, and their choice of shoes offer the perfect opportunity.

Your little-girl-turned-bride may be among those who want their bridal shoes to sparkle. And that’s not surprising since a sparkly shoe will look both elegant and fun with almost any wedding gown. The Nina “Carmen” heel above found at DSW is just one example. Have your daughter glance through these sparkly bridal shoes on Pinterest for some more ideas.

MOB, it’s fun to live during a fashion time when bridal shoes can be anything from an elegant white heel to a lacy bootie to a bold splash of color to a hand-painted work of art or even a cowboy boot. Have fun considering all the options with your daughter and then kick up your heels as well when it’s party time!

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