Wedding Cake with Beautiful Brooch Accents

Mother of the Bride, here’s a gorgeous wedding cake idea that uses an unusual accent—brooches! Last month I featured some dazzling examples of brooch bouquets, and that same dazzle factor works well on the wedding cake too.

Brooches could be used in a variety of ways on a wedding cake, but one simple way—as shown in the photo above—uses two beautiful matching brooches well-positioned on bows made of ribbon. What perfect accents those brooches and bows make. So elegant! Or the bride might choose brooches that are family heirlooms that will add a sentimental and meaningful touch to the cake plus help create another lasting memory of the big day.

Also think of the possible uses for the brooches after the cake is cut and the guests are served. The bride and groom might want to give them to you and the mother of the groom as a special memento of the day (fun!), or the newlyweds could use them in several different ways as decorative accents in floral arrangements or other décor in their home. Think of all the potential ideas—and they’d each one carry the treasured memory of their wedding day.

So, MOB, see what your daughter thinks of brooch accents for the cake and then have fun brainstorming all the possibilities. Whatever you decide will shine, right?!

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*Flickr photo by the-icing-on-the-cakeCreative Commons License

Bridal Bouquet Idea: Add Sparkle with Gemstones

Mother of the Bride, when it’s time for your daughter to select the flowers for her bridal bouquet, maybe she’d like to add some sparkle too—with jewelry! Never fear, though. I’m not referring to genuine gemstones. Imitations will work quite nicely.

Bouquet jewelry, like the rhinestones or clear crystals in the red rose bouquet above, provide not only sparkle but also contrasting color, much like baby’s breath or another white accent flower. And bouquet jewelry will do those things less expensively. That’s right, you’ll save money!

Possibilities abound where bouquet jewelry is concerned. Bouquet jewelry can also be added to the stem wrap as shown on the ribbon in the photo below. Bigger items like brooches can be used as well on the wraps or in the bouquets themselves. One dazzling rhinestone butterfly or brooch can transform a bouquet from pretty to gorgeous in seconds. And a variety of imitation gemstones and pearls lay at the disposal of your floral arranger.

How about it, MOB? Try suggesting bouquet jewelry to your daughter. After all, what girl doesn’t love jewelry?

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*Photos by Elece Hollis.

Bridal Accessory: Pearl Drop Earrings


Mother of the Bride, your daughter’s wedding gown is the centerpiece of her attire on wedding day, but her accessories are super important as well. Her veil, headpiece, shoes, and jewelry will all work together to add the finishing touches to the overall gorgeous picture she hopes to present to her groom on their big day.

One excellent choice for bridal earrings is a pearl drop earring. As you can see from the photo above, they are simple yet extremely elegant and look especially striking when the bride is wearing her hair up. As they dangle from the bride’s ears, they also complement the bridal gown by providing a splash of matching color near the bride’s jawline.

Why not check with your daughter, MOB, and see if pearl drop earrings appeal to her. They might provide the perfect look she’s hoping to achieve!

*Here are some great choices of pearl drop earrings on Etsy that you can show your daughter.

*Flickr photo by Ryan Smith Photography, Creative Commons License