Feeding and Nurturing the Young

Have you ever spotted birds at work feeding their young? I have several times since I like to watch and photograph birds when I get a chance.

When we visited my parents one Memorial Weekend over a decade ago, I got to observe a particular bird’s parenting skills over and over. Mom and Dad lived in Missouri then and had a couple of birdhouses on their property. Bluebirds had built a nest in one. I hoped to share a picture of the daddy bird’s parenting prowess (he was easiest to spot because of his bright blue color), but darn it all, the shot is too blurry to use here on the blog.

This daddy blue bird took his responsibility very seriously. He worked tirelessly to feed his little namesakes. Time and again he’d come flying in from a distance to land atop the bird house and rest a moment before scooting through the little hole to where his young ones waited. Within seconds, he was out again, taking only a minute’s reprieve before he was off scouting more food. He was a dedicated parent.

Have you spotted anyone feeding the young lately? You may be in the midst of feeding the young at your very own house—and I’m not just talking physical sustenance. As parents, we need to feed our children spiritually, too. Even when our kids are grown and gone, we still have opportunities to pour truth into their lives and eventually into our grandchildren’s lives.

Have we in the past or are we currently filling our kids’ or grandkids’ hearts and minds with the Word of God as we “sit at home and when [we] walk along the road” (Deuteronomy 6:7)? Have we exposed them to the spiritual teaching available in our churches?

We can also help nurture and feed other young ones besides those in our own families. Think of all the children in your circle of influence. Consider also the spiritually young, those who have only recently come to faith. They need us who are more mature in the faith to take our responsibility seriously. They need us to work tirelessly to help them grow and become strong in the Lord.

Let’s demonstrate some parenting prowess. Let’s be faithful to feed the young.

“Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.” Psalm 34:11 NIV

*How are you feeding the young in your circle of influence?

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Wedding Eve Gift from Bride to Mother-in-Law

Mother of the Bride, you and your daughter both have new in-law roles you’ll soon be taking on. As you become mother-in-law to the man who has captured her heart, she’ll become daughter-in-law to the first woman who held his. Both are very special roles that deserve attention.

One way your daughter can nurture the new relationship she’s developing with her groom’s mom is to give her a special gift on the eve of the big day. She may already have thought of it, but if not, why don’t you make the suggestion. It’s just one more way you can help start her marriage and new role with the in-laws off on the right foot.

Possibilities abound for meaningful mother-in-law gifts. Some brides give a lovely framed photo, a personalized bracelet or heart necklace with accompanying message of thanks, or a beautiful vase etched with personal message. Others might give a small personalized keepsake box or music box. These are just a few ideas. Whatever she chooses to give will be sure to touch her new mother-in-love’s heart.

Below you’ll find some links that you can share with your sweet girl, MOB. I bet she’ll quickly spot the perfect idea for her groom’s beloved mom. So share away and be part of the blessing!


The Knot – Scroll down to Wedding Gifts section.

American Greetings


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*Photo by yuyun fan on Pixabay