Sugar Roses Still Gorgeous on Wedding Cakes

Mother of the Bride, if your bride-to-be wants roses as décor on her wedding cake, be sure she considers sugar roses as well as fresh ones.

Fresh roses adorn many wedding cakes today, but rest assured that handmade sugar roses can look just as gorgeous. Take a look at the examples above and below. Such exquisite detail!

The key lies in finding a cake baker/designer who excels in an impeccable finished product. Be sure to ask to see photos of her other cakes before making a decision about fresh vs. handmade sugar roses. It’s also a good idea to ask other MOBs and brides who have used her services how pleased they were with their own wedding cakes.

If your daughter doesn’t have a strong preference for one type of rose over the other, ask your baker/designer if sugar roses will be more or less expensive to do than fresh ones. You might as well take advantage of a possible opportunity to save a little money if the prices for each will be different, right?

Fresh or sugar—both can be beautiful. But above all, MOB, enjoy indulging in that fabulous cake on wedding day!

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Chair or Pew Wedding Décor: Sunflowers!

Mother of the Bride, still trying to decide on pew or chair décor for summer or fall weddings? Sometimes décor ideas don’t come together until the last weeks or couple of months before the wedding, so if that’s your case, here’s an idea for you.

Sunflowers make a perfect choice as pew or chair décor for summer or fall weddings, especially if your daughter also wants to incorporate some in her bouquet or in the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Attaching one big sunflower to the chairs or pews along with some greenery as shown in the photo above will add cheer and beauty at the same time. Sunflowers just have a way of brightening up any space, don’t they?

You can also add another accent color with a daisy or two in the pew décor if you’d like. Several color choices could work. You could go with one of your daughter’s other wedding colors or simply go with white to tie in to her gown or the other white bridal décor that is sure to be a part of your sweet girl’s overall decorating plans.

Why not find out, MOB, if sunflowers will get a yes from the bride-to-be? After all, a touch of sunflower sunshine might just be the final piece to her wedding-day decorating puzzle!

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Table Décor Finishing Touch: Fresh Rose Petals

Mother of the Bride, here’s a quick decorating tip for your daughter’s big day—ask your florist to sprinkle fresh rose petals on all the tables at the reception. Guest tables, cake tables, photo tables, buffet tables. They look beautiful everywhere. All it takes is a few scattered here and there.

Fresh rose petals add the perfect finishing touch—a splash of color and oh so delicate. They might even provide a whiff of fragrance. Plus the lush look of fresh rose petals just can’t be duplicated with the silk variety.

At our daughter Kristin’s wedding, it was actually our cake baker and not our florist who added the final cake decoration of fresh roses and then surprised us by scattering petals from some of the same roses on all the tables. Not only was it gorgeous, but it helped tie all the décor together by incorporating the flowers from the cake. Thanks so much to Emeline from Grandeur Affaires: Nibbles Café in Tulsa, OK for adding so much to the overall beauty of the reception.

So check with your daughter, MOB, and see if she might want to add this delicate final touch to the tables at her wedding. Tell her I highly recommend it! :)

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*Photo by Chris Humphrey

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor: Fresh Flowers!


Mother of the Bride, is your daughter planning an outdoor wedding for next spring or summer? If so, the two of you may want to come up with some ideas to spruce up the folding chairs you’ll probably be using.

Fresh flowers provide the perfect aisle/chair décor when the ceremony is held in the great outdoors. Not only do they fit right in with the outdoor/natural world setting, but they add gorgeous pops of color to the sea of seats. And colorful flowers look especially striking when the chairs are white (as pictured above).

Fresh flowers along the aisle will also result in some beautiful wedding photos. Just think of all the shots that will be enhanced by this touch of floral beauty. Not only will the bride enter down that aisle, but parents and grandparents will be seated, bridesmaids will enter, the flower girl and ring bearer will make their trip down the aisle, and then, of course, before all of that, the photographer can snap a shot before any of the guests arrive. That just-before-it-all-starts shot will look so pristine and full of anticipation.

So MOB, if an outdoor wedding is in your future, share this idea with the bride. She may think it will add the perfect touch to the seating area—and she’ll be right! It will look very romantic and everyone will enjoy the beauty!

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*Flickr photo by Corey Ann, Creative Commons License